Pottering the other day, I came across this little Green Shield Bug having an afternoon snooze. I thought he was hibernating at first, but I soon realised he was only dozing as he began to wave his antenna at me. I didn’t want to annoy him any longer so I left him be. Apparently, this bug is rather numerous here in the UK… he’s the first one I have ever seen. I must always have been looking the other way before…


  1. What an odd sort of fellow he is….Then again maybe it is a she? I am not sure which category this critter falls into so I’ll just leave the link to insect totems for you to look at. There is a reason we encounter different people on our journey as well as beings in the animal world. They deliver messages if we are open to hearing them. Each critter carries it’s own message of meaning. Clues for us to follow 🙂 Have a happy weekend TL….VK

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