From swirling clouds of dust and gas
Pulled together to form a mass
Hotter and hotter this gas becomes
Until nuclear reactions have begun
Releasing energy as it grows
Yet held together by gravity’s hold
Light and heat from the birth of a star
Seen across the galaxy both near and far
This star now gathers gas and dust
And forms planets into which its orbit thrust
Each planet touched daily by its own sun’s warmth
Creating winds and rains and fantastic storms
Heavy rains that churn the earth
Mixing elements for what they’re worth
And life appears if it can manage
Being on a planet with an advantage
Of the Goldilocks Zone, neither too hot nor cold
Each life with a heart and home to a soul
With dreams to reach and joy to give
And a fantastic opportunity just to live
A burden for some who have trouble to cope
Yet where there’s struggle, there’s also hope
Day after day, year after year
There’s a lot that goes into just being here


    1. Thanks, Hank… my first intention was to continue all the way through the cycle, but I thought that would have made it just a little too long, so decided to end things where I did.


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