Twigs on branches reach
Outwards in every way
And what lies beyond
Is no longer a secret.

The odd leaf lingers
Hanging on for Summer days
Itโ€™s what lies ahead
The tree is preparing for.

Bare branches are set
For the cooler days to come
And the colder nights
As Winter starts creeping in.


          1. No Tom.. Blaming it on the leaves, lol.. Leaves have always been falling this time of year ๐Ÿ™‚ But the rain most definitely is heavier .. But I do see loads more leaves not being cleared up as quickly..
            They moan about manpower and cutbacks.. Why not get those who are on jobseekers do a little to help their communities.. They did in the 90’s I remember well, a youth gang of those unemployed being put to work on clearing up a very old and neglected grave yard in our town..
            I then met one of those lads when I interviewed him for a job in our warehouse of the factory I then worked at. He was 19 at the time. He said that experience had helped changed him as he felt part of something that had achieved something. He went on to become head of warehouse and had a wonderful memory for numbers, just what was needed.. And he always gave me a Christmas and Birthday card and said thank you for believing in him.. This is what is needed more in society..


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            1. I saw that on the news the other day as well, Sue. Leaves causing flooding. What was it last year? The rivers were too full (I may have dreamt that one though! :D)
              And you’re right. For most people, just getting a chance would be the making of them.

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              1. Yes and that is all it takes.. for us to enable people to be given that chance.. And no I don’t think you made it up.. The rivers were full because of the rainfall on hills.. LOL.. Duh!!! I thought that was what created rivers haha… but Man has built on flood plains taking no thought for why there were called flood plains!…. They wonder why they flood?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Nature will never ever be tamed by us.. โค

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