16th November 2016.


I saw my first house really decorated for Christmas today. I thought I saw one toward the end of October and I was happily mistaken – they’d decorated their house for Halloween, but had used Christmas lights and tinsel around their spooky display. I’m all for being organised (I lie) but is November 16th not a tad too early for Christmas?

Yes, I know the TV adverts are now hitting the screens like they’re going out of fashion, but that’s TV Land – the companies there just want our money. However, in real life… November? Christmas??

It won’t be long now before everyone starts to try to out-do the Joneses, especially now that one has started, and we’ll all be blinded by dazzling displays of Christmasness.

Each to their own, I say.

I’m lucky in the regard that I only put up a cheery ‘Ho!Ho!Ho!’ to brighten the place up. Well, I say ‘put up’; I actually mean ‘keep up’ all year around, as I miss the deadline to take it down, so up it must remain. I’ve gotten used to it now, and with it already being up, that’s one less job to do for the busy period.

I’m a little grumpy today as my cold has returned and my eyes and nose are flowing like Niagara Falls, hence a One Minute Grumble rather than Ramble. It’s still a ramble though, with a touch of grumble. It’s good to be different.


  1. We love Christmas at Gastradamus. We love Festicves at Seinfeld. Please when you can check out a few of my stories. I’m a phenomenal writer who needs feedback from saints like yourself. So don’t be a Grinch check out Miss Scarlet… the empty Voter… Blue Jasmine and Wendys window conspiracy. We can’t wait for you to being your Christmas joy to the blog of Gastradamus

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  2. I do love Christmas but I refrain from decorating until December. Then look out. But its all about what I like and I don’t care about the Joneses. The Joneses are on their own. Along with all the advertisers trying to entice. Chase that cold away Tom and feel better soon.

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    1. Thanks, Susan. And yes, Christmas should be exactly as you (and I) like it, nobody else. I don’t compete with the Joneses. I beat them in my own way.
      I’m feeling better once again after my cold returned!

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  3. Ramble with a touch of grumble is good Tom. Hope it – the Niagara Falls – stops flowing soon. Our Christmas deco starts 1st Dec with the beginning of the Advent season but the tree only goes up close to Christmas Eve. Finnish tradition 🙂

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  4. Christmas is no longer something I celebrate these days given I have nobody to celebrate it with now my God daughter and her siblings have grown up and have families of their own.

    Oh well…

    God Bless!


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    1. Yes, I did think the same when I posted, Sue… we aren’t really to know. The next day, I saw another house though.
      As for the November weather, I think we had it all on Thursday lunchtime… in one go!!!

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