I’ve ventured up into the hills this evening, trying to grab myself a few photos of the Moon. We are due a SuperMoon tomorrow night, but with our weather being what it is I thought I’d go out and try and get a few early photos. And, instead of using my mobile phone to take the photos, this time I used (are you ready for this?) my camera! I decided to use the sunset setting, thinking that may be the best option for the photos. Unfortunately, and as is usually the case, the clouds had other ideas for me.

The Moon tried its hardest to peer from behind the cloud cover. I had the notion that a slight covering of cloud may help with the photography.

The Moon tried very hard to show through, and I tried very hard to get at least one good shot.

Almost there… although it doesn’t look like a SuperMoon from here. Being honest, it doesn’t even look like the Moon…


Keep persevering, I always say. And I did.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. The Moon finally made it through the clouds, but my lack of photography skills with the camera left everywhere looking a little fuzzy.

I got back to the Mansion, and the Moon was proudly glowing above. The trip up the hill wasn’t really necessary, all things considered. I changed the setting on my camera to dusk and dawn, and took one last photo. The Moon in the photo was a little bright, although I did capture the halo around it rather nicely.

I shall keep practicing with my camera photography. Things always get better over time. Next time, though, I may try in the daylight!


    1. I think I saw a quick glimpse of your photo, Jodi, as I have a quick browse through the reader before visiting – yours is far better than mine… bu I shall have to visit to get a proper look!


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