BREAKING NEWS! It’s Happened!


Sources all across the planet are saying it has happened.

A spokeswoman in a Southern Asian State quoted off-camera part of a paragraph of a speech given by a neighbouring country’s premier, “We were in session when it occurred. My internal ministry have had confirmation from both internal and external ministerial attachés that it happened just before 4pm local time.”

A government official in a Central African State concurred. “11am local time was when we started to notice it happening, and it continues to happen right up until the last hour.”

Southern American leaders held an impromptu summit to discuss matters, in Rio de Janeiro, as it happened simultaneously across all countries in the subcontinent. Mexican, US and Canadian officials had their own discussion at noon local time.

Britain and Ireland, Iceland and Greenland began to experience it at 9.30am, again local times. A British Government Spokesman said a full briefing will be given once full facts have been analysed and assessed, and that timescales and blueprints for the briefing are now being drawn up.

Northern Europe and Russia, China and Japan experienced it at 10.30. No word has yet emerged from Russia or China, although they are thought to have experienced it according to local news agencies, and satellite images from both countries show large gatherings of people in various locales. Japan are issuing a statement to the world soon.

India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have yet to announce their experiences, but it is believed it occurred there at 10.45. AT 11am Egypt, Israel and Jordan noticed it happening. There are murmurings coming from other Far East States.

Australia have had reports of it happening in Tasmania, and no word has yet emerged from New Zealand. Tonga have stated they’ve experienced it twice. A Tongan resident danced in the street shouting “It’s Amazing!”

A lollipop lady in Maidstone, Kent, UK, was knocked off her feet when it happened. The 32 year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, was speechless when asked about it by our reporter.

In France, the telephone network became extremely congested at 14.30 as everyone tried to get through to everyone else about it. All lines were then engaged in the UK from 15:00 hours, so everyone had to try later.

And we can confirm that it may be happening again.

This is an unbiased breaking news story and will be updated in due course.


I’ve read a lot of news stories like this lately, that tell us absolutely nothing, so thought I’d have a go at creating my own. Whatever it was that happened, or is, if it’s still happening, may or may not be true, but there is no cause for alarm, as we don’t exactly know what it is, and there’s no point worrying over something that we don’t know about and aren’t aware of the full facts, right? Right!

(Short of time again, but wanted to add something new rather than reposting yet again. This is all I could come up with!)

22 Comments on “BREAKING NEWS! It’s Happened!

    • Thank you very much, MrsCraft! Although I’m always grateful to be thought of and nominated for awards, I don’t actually ‘do’ them myself… but there may be inspiration for a post there. I shall check things out!

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  1. You do realise that most of those who read this are going to run away screaming in terror? When asked why, they’ll yell, ‘It’s happened, haven’t you heard?’ whereupon the asker will flee too.

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  2. All of this just reminds me of how we all need to learn the art of listening. We do not do it well and if we don’t know how to listen, we cannot decipher fact from fiction. That’s important these days! Without listening and making sense of our reality, we instead become part of the stampeding herd… VK 🙂

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