Once again, it’s time for us to fly through the Perseid Meteor Shower.

The major part of the shower reached its peak earlier today, but there are still some meteors out there that we’ll be passing through again tonight.

It’s funny how we only go through them at night, considering we’re all sharing the same space, you’d think they’d be there in the daytime as well… Ha! I jest! Of course I know that they’re there during the day – they just haven’t been switched on yet.

With Jupiter’s gravity, this year’s shower is meant to be phenomenal, with up to 500 or so shooting stars being visible every hour. Tonight’s spectacle may not be as grand, but there will still be a few hundred passing by.

Last night I was ready for them. I ALWAYS miss them. Always. But last night I was prepared. I stayed up especially. I got to my favourite place at one of the Mansion’s windows. I looked out and couldn’t see a bloomin’ thing due to heavy cloud cover.

I suppose, if I don’t see them again tonight, I can always walk amongst them with the help of my mind’s eye. I never miss them that way!


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