#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Twenty (Day twenty? Already???!!!)

Today’s sploshing of colour takes us into town, on a very quiet morning where everywhere is closed, and the Sun is shining brightly. The long closed-down cinema is directly opposite us, the building earmarked for a trendy nightclub. The bank, the building in the shade on the right of the painting, is also closed. It doesn’t open until 9.30.

On the sunny side of the street, by the traffic light is the florist, and next to that is a quaint bistro. Obviously both closed as well, as this town doesn’t get going until at least 8.30am.

It’s nice and cool at present, but very soon, it will be hot, hot, HOT!

Happy Summer!

Posted by Tom Merriman

A future writer living in the present day


  1. Nice one! I really like the perspective!

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    1. Thanks, Charlie! I think it looks a little barren – a little ghost-towny, but I like the angle as well. Reminds me of the times I used to go flying…

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  2. Morning used to be my favourite time as the town slowly woke up! 🙂

    God Bless!


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    1. I went through a phase of not liking the mornings, Prenin – I have no idea why that was. Luckily now I don’t mind them!

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  3. This watercolor would work perfectly for the word ‘Narrow’ … but … it must be a photograph … but … it is a photograph of … well, best to just enjoy the well-executed watercolor. 😎

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    1. It would, Isadora… and yes, this is a photo of a watercolour, not the actual watercolour itself. I may just get away with it! 😀



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