Can you see it? Creeping about?

Here’s the colour-popped version of the picture. Any clearer?

Here’s a slightly different angle. The shadow should give it away.

This chap was minding his own business until I spotted him creeping hither and thither… having my mobile phone with me, I had to take a shot or two of him.

Don’t worry, though, he was no bigger than a pea. Half a pea even.

I couldn’t say that about the other critter though, the one lurking underneath the ledge there. I’ve only just spotted him now. No wonder the little fella kept moving…

21 Comments on “Creepy!

    • Being honest, VK, I didn’t see it when I took the photo… I think its another of those ‘can you make this shape out’ photo… but it does look very prehistoric, doesn’t it (and it looks as though the spider’s looking at it also!)


  1. I’m glad you said half a pea Tom, as he looks huge in these photos! Makes for a good creep show though!


  2. Ooh er! It looks similar to the bloodsucking vampire bug monstrosities that invaded the house last summer! They turned up in one of the rooms again just recently and the poor guy in there got a months worth of bites in an hour! He must have tasted good lol because his room mate was entirely untouched 😉


      • I don’t think he minded too much! We had a chat about it and decided the tasteless one was probably too stringy and tough since he didn’t go to the gym and was weedy by comparison! ! Then again maybe he didn’t drink enough beer since the tasty one drank like a fish by all accounts 😉


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