Betelgeuse Bay

‘Last remaining observation hut!’ declared the advertising flyer. ‘Breath-taking views of the last moments of a star 642 light years away. Supernova imminent!’

Alex’s hand shook with excitement as he was about to sign on the dotted line and become the proud owner of one of these highly sought after glass-fronted wooden huts that circled the bay.

The pen almost touched the paper when he noticed not one, but two shadows stretching across the page.

“It’s started!” came a cry from outside. “It’s going ‘nova!”

Alex smiled at the seller.

“Looks like I won’t be needing the observation hut after all…”

7 Comments on “Betelgeuse Bay

  1. Looks like he didn’t!!! 🙂

    I hope one day to see a supernova – just not up close!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



    • If Betelgeuse goes up, Prenin, I think that’ll be close enough… we’ll have what looks like two suns for a few months!


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