Oops. Pesky New Writer.


Today is Saturday.
It is.

One of the blogs I follow, Viv in France, introduced me to a new poetic form, the hainaku, so I thought I’d give it a go this morning.

I also thought I’d give the new posting platform a go, as I usually use Windows Live Writer for my posts. I couldn’t even fathom how to insert an image, so switched to the old editor immediately, and next time I’ll be back on my familiar (and user-friendly) posting platform.

I knew I wouldn’t like it. I didn’t like the Beep beep beep thing to start with. I know I should really be more patient with new things, but sometimes it’s the tried and tested that’s the best route. Still… try anything once!

*Apologies to those followers who spotted this post within the first ten seconds of it being posted. I’d forgotten to add a title, amidst all the confusion. Sigh.

22 thoughts on “Oops. Pesky New Writer.

  1. Oh yes…The new format for WP is just the worst!!! That beep beep boop is so insulting and demeaning…I am NOT a child and I will not be treated as one! I have been reading WP the riot act for the last two days. Believe me, they know people are not happy! I am so sick of them making major changes that don’t work when nothing was wrong in the first place….You can go back to the old format and still use that, so that is what I am doing. I won’t use that new garbage..So my friend, have a beep, beep, boop of a weekend….VK 🙂

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    • I’ve had a quick peek at the forums, VK, and quite a few people aren’t happy with the childish Beep Beep Boop thing, and the reduced capabilities of the new platform. They’ve set up a sticky advising they are listening to the feedback, and will be making changes, but it looks as though the new version may be here to stay. As I said, I use Windows Live Writer which suits me to the ground (although even there I get the odd glitch or two. No Beeping Boopity Burps though… I’m pleased to say!!!)


      • Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of displeasure too…Once you get through the beeping boops to the posting page, there is an option at the top that takes you to the old format, so that is what I do. I was perfectly happy with that all along. Foolish to change a good thing. One more thing to set the people off balance and unnerve them. All such silliness. I’m just glad I am able to stay with the old. Have a happy TL…VK


  2. Since I rarely add pictures I didn’t notice the problem, plus the new editor seems to be short of any major improvements.

    I guess it’s keeping the programmers paid… 😦

    God Bless!!!



    • You can’t miss the beep, beep, boop Prenin when you go in to post your article. Those stupid little dancing bubbles…Everyone needs to make their voices heard about it and I predict they will change back. Just the fact they haven’t stopped the old way of posting completely tells me they kept that as a safe guard for when everyone screamed about the new format. So scream everyone! The old way was working, the new way isn’t. Have a great weekend Prenin 🙂 VK


    • It would seem they’ve forgotten to include quite a lot of features, Prenin… unless they class these omissions as an ‘improvement’. Not that I can really comment, as I use Live Writer most of the time anyway.


  3. I didn’t eve know there was a problem, but rest assure is WP fault, though they, at times would say different. I wonder if they tire of eating crow.


  4. Why do companies think it’s okay just to change their whole format? The new wordpress format doesn’t allow me to copy and paste from an existing file on my computer like it did previously. It wants everything written freshly on its pages. If I were a paranoid person (or one who can’t help but put together scenarios for a story) I would say they want the original content so they can in the not too distant future claim it as their own. Like an employer does now for work done by employees. Really rethinking this blogging world.


    • I hope you stay with it, Rebecca. They’re always making ‘improvements’, some of which actually are good, like the… erm… Have you tried Live Writer? It’s easy to use, and doesn’t change often (although, I’m expecting it to any day now after saying that…) That employer thing is infuriating, isn’t it?


  5. I was horrified to find this the other day, so much so it put me off posting for a couple of days (I tend to rush out the text for my posts on the fly, so the authoring tools are quite important to me).

    Later, I noticed there was a ‘revert to classic’ switch which magically appeared, and now it seems to go to the ‘classic’ by default. Thank goodness.

    I’m sure we’d get used to the beep beep boop fare soon enough, but that doesn’t mean it’s better! Like YouTube. Its interface seems to change every week.



    • Grr indeed, Steven!
      I don’t know if the beep beep thing’s still there – I don’t really use it, and I haven’t really been around much of late to check either… hopefully things are settled now…


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