View from the window: Chill!

I know it’s good to be ‘chilled out’, but sometimes the Mansion takes things just a little too far. I peered out of one of the windows this morning, and was greeted with, let’s say, not the usual view (although, having said that, what can be classed as usual around these parts anyway?).

The arctic waters, the bergs of ice, the cool and very clear blue of the skies chilled me completely. And caused minor frosting inside the window as well.

So, my Sunday is off to a very chilled start.

Like I say, it’s good to be chilled!

Feel good now!

16 thoughts on “View from the window: Chill!

  1. Maybe it is showing you what we’ll soon lose as the planet warms up! 🙂

    Just be glad there were no Polar Bears involved!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



    • Yes, Prenin, I think I was lucky this time!
      And hopefully, things aren’t warming as fast as first feared… I seem to remember hearing this somewhere. Probably in a dream, though, knowing me!


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    • Very true, LA. We’re having alternate weather here at the moment. One day cool, one day warm, one day cool and so on. Although the cool seems to be gaining the advantage…


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