From a note inside a Thank You card sent to the Elite Force of Britain:

My Dearest EFB,
I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough for the recent help you have provided to me and my friends, and, of course, for the wonderful gift of £15,000.00 for my work in creating the new Uniqueorn Structure, which was highly unexpected but graciously received.

Utmost thanks must go to The Diver though, for he helped to rescue my party when my yacht, Mirage, became caught on that sandbank the other week. Although none of us are sure as to how the sandbank suddenly appeared when it wasn’t there a split second earlier, it was handy that The Diver was in the vicinity to rescue us.

We were concerned to see and hear the massive explosion shortly after the rescue, and hoped for The Diver’s safety. Fortunately, we caught the news report later that day, which informed us he was chasing a submarine being used by henchmen of the Octolord, and luckily for everyone, he stopped them.

So, keep up the good work, EFB, and if you ever need another structure creating don’t hesitate to ask!

Kind Regards, and Many Thanks,
Vladimir Mirage

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