My quest to find as much information as I can about (and surrounding) the year 1642 has brought new information to me today. For a while now, I thought that I had reached a ‘brick wall’ in my search, as only information that I was already aware of was finding it’s way to me. I have still been keeping my eyes open, however, as there is still a lot of information out there.

My quest to find information began its life in two ways. Firstly, for many years, I have been seeing an image in my mind’s eye of what I think is a galleon, a large wooden sailing ship, and whenever I saw this image, I had a very strong feeling of familiarity with it. Lately, I haven’t noticed the image as much, and maybe this is because I have started to look more deeply into things. The second, and most probably, main reason why I began my quest was due to a dream I had. The dream involved the ship, and somebody (who I don’t really remember seeing in the dream) mentioned the year 1642. And that gave me something to ponder on.

1642, like many years in history, has it’s fair share of stories, events and people, and the more you look into history, the more interesting it becomes. I find it fascinating reading about past times, and my quest has taken me way back in time, to before the year 1000 in fact. At present, information is the only way we can time travel, and we can only look back on what has gone on before – but it is a fascinating journey to take, and you meet some very interesting characters along the way!

1642 is the year that the first English Civil War started. King Charles I was on the throne, and commander of one side of the battle (The Royalists or Cavaliers), and Oliver Cromwell commanded the other (The Roundheads or Parliamentarians). This war eventually was to see England become a republic for a few years.

King Charles I and his wife Henrietta Maria (of France) had seven children, six of whom survived infancy (Please remember seven). The seven children were Charles (who became King Charles II), James (who also became a king), Henry, Mary, Henriette, Elizabeth and Anne (who died aged three years old).

The present-day Princess Anne holds a title (or style) which stems back to it’s creation back in 1642. The Princess Royal. It’s a style that is given to the oldest daughter of a British monarch, and is for life, which means that there can only ever be one Princess Royal at any one time – and not all princesses who are eligible for the title receive it.

Princess MaryThe Princess Royal that started the ‘tradition’, back in 1642, was Princess Mary. She held the title for eighteen years, until she died in 1660.

Seven Princesses Royal have existed since 1642:

  • King Charles I’s daughter, Mary, 1642 – 1660
  • King George II’s daughter, Anne, 1709 – 1759
  • King George III’s daughter, Charlotte, 1789 – 1828
  • Queen Victoria’s daughter, Victoria, 1841 – 1901
  • King Edward VII’s daughter, Louise, 1905 – 1931
  • King George V’s daughter, Mary, 1932 – 1965
  • Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter, Anne, 1987 onwards

The Princess Royal is also the name that has been given to five ships of the British Navy, the first one being a 90 gun second rate ship launched in 1682, although she began with a different name. Launched as HMS Ossory, she was renamed as HMS Prince in 1705, HMS Princess in 1716, and finally became HMS Princess Royal in 1728. She was eventually broken up in 1773. The last ship to hold the name saw service in a number of battles at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, but was also broken up in 1922. (Both of these ships, I must add, do not look like the ‘galleon’ I see in my mind’s eye!) 

So, where does all this information leave me with regards to my quest? The answer is I still do not know! However, seven years (I asked you to remember seven for a reason!) after the last HMS Princess Royal was broken up, a Hungarian author named Frigyes Karinthy was the first person to theorise the concept of the Six Degrees of Separation (in a story called ‘Chains’). This theory is the idea that everyone on planet Earth is six steps or less away from any other person, by means of introduction. I wonder whether this works with information too? Maybe I am within six steps of finding my connection…


  1. Interesting!!! 🙂

    It’s amazing what knowledge is out there! 🙂

    Hope you find your key my friend – it sounds like a real box of treasures!!!

    God Bless!



  2. Just caught your comment my friend! 🙂

    The shows are on the iPlayer so you have seven days to listen to them – I find it very useful! 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!

    God Bless!



  3. Oooh, Tom, I do love a good mystery. If your experience was a British ship you might be able to narrow down the clues: I’m not sure how far back formal documentation goes but instinct says ships must have had to be insured even way back then. There may be other clues from your dream which might rule out some options. It’s all very exciting!


    1. Kate, I have the feeling it was a British ship. I’m hoping to have another dream where the name is revealed to me, and then I can really look into things from this angle. The only other thing I can remember about the dream where 1642 was mentioned was that I was standing on a grass bank, watching the ship sail away. Random, I know, but it seems real (to me).
      It is exciting though – and intriguing! 😀


  4. Interesting post Tom! I’ve heard of the 6 steps from everyone theory thing. I believe we are all connected, one way or another, not too sure about that theory though..I’m also wondering if its including knowing someone through this virtual world??


  5. I like your interest in something like this… WOW! You sure have done a lot of research on this and it seems more to come……. good for you Tom, I’m very proud to know you and your interest. GO TOM!


    1. Thank you, Ed! I’ll find a connection, I know I will!
      I’ve only been looking into the years surrounding 1642 since last December, so it’s almost a year now (and then not all of the time!) and I’ve found out some really interesting things. And I am looking to find even more!


  6. You must keep going, Tom. I cannot wait to read what you find.

    I wonder how the title Princess Royal will be affected now that the first child – male or female – can assume the throne.


    1. I’m not going to stop yet, Andra… I want to find the link! 😀
      I don’t think there’s a rule that means the princess who will become queen won’t become the Princess Royal; Queen Elizabeth II would have been Princess Royal, but her Aunt Mary held the position until (and after!) Elizabeth became Queen in 1952, and then, as Elizabeth was the monarch, the style would have gone to her eldest daughter. It sounds very complicated, but it kind of makes sense. I think…


  7. //information is the only way we can time travel//
    such inspiring words from you…….
    nice re-invention of facts and linking the facts..
    i like the concept of seven degrees of separation for any information 😀
    all the best

    keep inspiring……..


  8. Very nice this your historical research know the period 1600 the civil war in England.
    I really like the story.
    Have a great week Tom


  9. You are certainly finding a lot of information out
    Aquatom, perhaps it is those Superhero powers
    pushing the envelope and giving your flavouring
    a nice big top-up 🙂 The answers to your questions
    are out there Aquatom and with lots of research
    you will be stumpbling upon it sooner or later 🙂

    Have a treasure hunting and finding Tuesday 🙂



    1. The super powers come in handy at times, Andro!
      I’m finding information out, but I’m still a long way from finding out if I am connected to the period. The search is very interesting though!


  10. Sometimes Tom we have to follow our intuition and I for one think you are doing the right thing.. We are given much information in Dream state and I would think you dream less of the ship now as you are well on your way to exploring and seeking answers…
    It is suprising just how many of us are linked together.. and its a small world when we truly see the way in which our mindsand lives are inter mingled..
    A great fact-finding post I myself Have had a history lesson
    Dreamwalker 🙂


    1. Thanks Sue, making sense of some of my dreams will be a full time job! But some of them are very interesting and give snippets of information for me to ponder a little more!
      Yes, the links between people are surprising when you look into things a little deeper, and the world is a smaller place when doing it!
      I will continue to see what other pieces of information I can find!
      Thanks for commenting! I hope you have a great week, Sue! 😀


  11. Fascinating, Tom! I’m a bit of a dream freak myself, and tend to attach meanings to my own dreams (the important ones are different from the garden-variety ones). So I think you’re really on to something with your galleon. I hope you find her, and keep us all updated on the search.


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