I love the Universe. Everything in it! (OK, some things niggle me slightly, but they’re part of the Universe too, so I can put up with them!)

I hardly know anything about the workings of the Universe, not in this lifetime, anyway, but I love finding out snippets here, facts there and pictures everywhere! I’ve found some images that tie in nicely with my Halloween theme for this month. They are only images I have found online, and although I have recently upgraded my mobile phone to one of those super duper models with in-built Satellite Navigation, my handy mobile device doesn’t have the imaging capabilities to take snaps such as these. But it might… I haven’t tried yet. I’ll have a go, and see what happens…

WitchheadThis first image is of the Witch Head Nebula. A gas cloud that is illuminated by the supergiant star Rigel, in Orion. Rigel, by the way is the sixth brightest star in the sky. And looking at Orion, where Betelgeuse is top left, Rigel is bottom right. Can you see why the nebula got it’s name? Only kidding! I think it’s pretty obvious!

This nebula was discovered by a German astronomer, Maximilian Franz Joseph Cornelius Wolf (June 21, 1863 – October 3, 1932), Max Wolf for short.

So, we start with a witch and find a wolf. What’s next?

The Wizard NebulaAs we’ve had a witch, why not go for a wizard? The Wizard Nebula at first glance doesn’t seem to look like anything, apart from a swirl of colour, but then the magic appears! You can notice a wizard casting a spell with arms held wide open, and he is wearing a pointed hat to boot! Well, that’s what I see… German born British astronomer
Caroline Lucretia Herschel (16 March 1750 – 9 January 1848) discovered this nebula in 1787. Caroline’s brother William discovered Uranus.
Cat's Eye Nebula
William Herschel (15 November 1738 – 25 August 1822) also discovered this, the Cat’s Eye Nebula in February 1786.
It is some 3300 light years away from Earth, and is one of the most complex nebulae known.
The star at the centre lost it’s outer ‘shell’ about one thousand years ago, and the nebula was created as a result.

Snake Nebula
Edward Emerson Barnard (or E.E. Barnard; December 16, 1857 – February 6, 1923) was an American astronomer who recorded the Snake Nebula. Incidentally, Edward provides a link to the early Seventeenth Century in the fact that he was the first person to discover one of Jupiter’s moons since Galileo in 1609. This nebula is a concentration of dust and dark matter that does not allow the light from other stars to pass through it.

Tarantula NebulaThis nebula is called the Tarantula Nebula, and it provides another indirect link to the Seventeenth Century. The nebula contains the remnants of a star that went supernova in 1987; the closest supernova to Earth to be observed since the invention of telescopes in the 17th century. Hans Lippershey (1570 – 1619) is credited as the inventor of the telescope in 1608.
What I find eerie in this image are the little faces that appear when you look at the bottom left… spooky!

I doubt I’ll be able to take any photos such as these for two reasons. Firstly, the lens in my mobile phone probably wouldn’t pick them up, and secondly, I don’t own a telescope. But at least with the internet I can now get to see sights such as these without leaving the mansion. When I’m not flying through them, of course!

25 thoughts

    1. Hi Alannah, I like Halloween too (you may already be aware of that! ;))
      The photos are great, aren’t they? I have found a couple more that I didn’t include in this post, I may use them at a later date! Thanks for popping by! 😀


  1. Love the pictures too and you gave us a nice short and completely un-boring account for the nebula, which can be so hard to do, since nebulas = astronomy = physics = I hate physics. But I *do* love pretty pictures though!

    I love your header too, its done so nicely and professionally!


    1. Hi Shree, I’m not one for physics myself, but I love the Universe and astronomy, so I don’t link them together. Physics and astronomy that is… I have an odd way of looking at things…
      Thanks for visiting! 😀


  2. great images like the witch best very good that you took the time to get right into halloween with something different clever man xxjen


    1. Hi Jen… I like the witch one too…! The tarantula one is a little freaky with the faces that I keep seeing, but the colours are good! ;D
      I like writing things that are a little different from time to time, but I am always looking for ways to link things (topics) together.
      Thanks for commenting, Jen! 😀


    Bonfires burning bright
    Pumpkin faces in the night
    I remember halloween
    Dead cats hanging from poles
    Little dead are out in groves
    I remember halloween
    I will return
    Im from Nikki halloween guestbook event
    Hugs Noelle


    1. Hello, Noelle, wonderful gifs there! I’ll be participating in Nikki’s Guestbook Event in the next few days, but I’m hastily rearranging my graphic for the night…
      Trick or Treat to you too! 😀


  4. Wow, Sir A, what fantastic and simply mind blowing photo’s … The Universe is so full of colour and majesty…almost theatrical in it’s presentation, in that I can almost hear ‘ and for my nest trick ….’ I just wish we could travel about the stars in a type of Wonder Woman Invisible plane, ‘seeing’ all this first hand. and not second or third wise. Great tie in with Halloween too… I’m always seeing faces…be it the Moon or whatever… Seems my mind is always on the look-out… xPenx


  5. This is not only a great posting but it is filled with interesting facts taht will thrill anyone that enjoys outer space, you have added some excellent graphics too, I especially like The Wizard Nebula as it is such a magical one, even that Wizard withing the Nebula looks rather awesome, yes I like this one a lot my great friend 🙂

    Have you ever been on Icewolves of Europa Space? If not then click on Icywolfy of the Icy Realm on my blogroll and you are certain to enjoy your stay in her Space as she is very interested in Astronomy, Mythology and many other fine subjects…

    I hope that you are having a
    wondrously exciting week so
    far Aquatom 🙂



    1. Thank you, Andro, I am pleased that you like this one!
      No, I haven’t visited the site you mention, yet, but I will do now that I am aware of it. As soon as time permits, that is… I have a long list of new sites to visit, plus my regular haunts and I have once again slipped behind with my reading and commenting. I will get there eventually!
      Thank you for recommending it, by the way, and I hope you are having an excellent week too! 🙂


  6. Nope just can’t see that wizard, I can see all the others though, my fav is the witch one at top, that one is so clearly a witch! How cool and amazing these are, who’d of thought you could find halloween in space! lol. Love this post Tom.
    Big hugs, Nikki


    1. …I’ll post a follow up post to try and point it out; it is quite hard to see, the Wizard one.
      I like the Witch one, though, it is very clear, isn’t it?
      I’m looking for Halloween in other places too… I hope to get another post in before Monday regarding this!
      Thank you for popping by, Nikki! 😀


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