I’ve had a nice little surprise today.

Nothing spectacular in the grand scheme of things, and nothing that really goes anywhere near to helping me to solve my self-imposed quest to find what is pulling me back to the year 1642 (actually, the first part of the Seventeenth Century). But more on this in a moment.

To begin, though, a little background to my quest.

Throughout my life, I have had visions, daydreams, night-dreams, thoughts and, for want of a better word, flashbacks to either being on a large galleon-type ship, or watching this type of ship sail in and out of harbour. The visions are always very clear, and a ‘pleasant’ feeling always surrounds them. One night, I had one of these dreams, and one of the people in the dream mentioned the year being 1642.

Hearing this year gave me a starting point, somewhere that I could start to see if I could find any information about people, places, buildings, discoveries and anything else that ‘resonates’ with me; gives me the same good feeling that I get when I think about the ships. With the ‘magic’ of Google, I have, for the past few months, on and off (I’m fascinated but wouldn’t say obsessed…yet!), been finding out all kinds of fascinating facts, figures and details. Details such as the death of Galileo, the birth of Isaac Newton, the founding of Montreal, the discovery of New Zealand, the invention of a mechanical calculator (which evolved into the modern microprocessor) to name a few.

And that brings me back to my nice little surprise.

Google170811Google today has one of it’s special logos or doodles, featuring a chalkboard and some writing, in honour of someone’s birthday (or something). I hovered my curser over the doodle, expecting to see a name in the caption box, and instead read the text “I have discovered a truly marvellous proof of this theorem, which this doodle is too small to contain.” The text was lost on me, so I had to click the doodle to find out more.

Pierre de FermatToday, 17th August 2011, is the 410th birthday of Pierre de Fermat, a French lawyer and mathematician who wrote similar words to Google’s caption, only within the margin of a book called ‘Arithmetica’. The book is really an ancient Greek text on mathematics, but luckily for me the page I saw wasn’t written in Greek. It was in Latin, which didn’t really help me any either. Basically, it’s about numbers and equations and things, which the title tends to hint at.

I was reading the history of Pierre, and was pleasantly surprised to see that he was close friends with an old friend of mine (or so it seems now…) Blaise Pascal. Blaise was the one who invented the calculator I mentioned earlier.

It stands to reason that these two would probably have been going to the same places, seeing that they were around at the same time and were both French, so the fact that they knew each other wasn’t as much of a surprise. However, when I looked for some images of Pierre, one image caught my eye instantly, and took me back to one day when I was very young, having a tooth extracted under the lovely dentist’s ‘odourless’ gas. As I was going under, I dreamt of some ‘dots’ sweeping around, creating what I thought was an equilateral triangle. This image reminded me of that dream:
Pierre De Fermat Calculus

Maybe the coloured dots I saw were actually the letters around the triangle?

I’m probably making more of this coincidence than I should be, after all, I must have seen images such as this countless times over the years. None have ‘resonated’ with me as this one has though. Very strange.

Whatever link I have with the Seventeenth Century, I can’t say what it is yet. Whenever I think of the Seventeenth Century, especially 1642, I seem to ‘see’ a yellowy-golden colour in my mind, and get a nice, pleasant, warm feeling. And I really do like to feel good!

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I haven’t found anything spectacular. I haven’t had that ‘aha!’ moment, and everything has made sense. I have, in fact, got even more questions to keep my search going. My connection to back then seems stronger than ever.

One day… one day… I know that what I am looking for will be revealed to me. Until then, I will continue to enjoy my quest, and all of the interesting facts (interesting to me, anyway) that I find along the way.

And once again, this post has seven hundred and seventy seven words…

14 thoughts

  1. great post.

    the unfolding of this mystery continues to astound and captivate me. if your blog were a book, i would skip to the end. but i can’t! you haven’t written it yet!!!


  2. I laugh at what Bex said…as I do that in some novels as I am so excited to see what happened.
    Well, this is a facinating thing happening to you, it involves a mystery too! I like a good mystery, and gee there is all those Mathematical equations with calculas even. Something I know little of I might add. Anyway, it seems like you are on the brink of something meaningful. Perhaps a past life connection?
    I am new here getting all windy and knowing little of this. A great blog.


    1. Hi Raven, I’m not much of a mathematician myself, and I’ve always been puzzled by that triangle I saw as I was being put to sleep all those years ago. I’m hoping I have a past life connection, to be honest, but maybe that hope is really just another of my dreams.


  3. I saw that google doodle too! Good luck with your 1642 quest… I’m still on my 777 quest and I found out im also drawn to the year 1777!
    It’s also strange how you dreamt of that triangle…maybe in a previous life you were connected to pierre de fermat in some way? Just a thought. Please keep informing us of your quest, like bex im frustrated that you haven’t let me cheat!!


  4. hm, so your quest gains more momentum, sort of, Sir Aquatom, in that more info is to hand. and anything which end up giving you a nice warm feeling must be good… (cripes, just spent ages getting rid of red lines… my typing gets worse-er-er the more my xpert tying speed up 😉 ) Mayhap these two individuals frequented the same local?.. and swapped notes even over a pint or two, could account for the yellowy look., and you might have been the bar tender.. joining in the discussion.. .. and….. stuff… Sorry my imagination has staggered to a stop. I blame the chemicals at my hairdressers, I always feel slightly strange after having my highlights done.
    Tally ho, and ever onwards with your quest… I love googling, and they can’t touch you for it nowadays.. xPenx


    1. Hi Pen… meeting them in a local’s a good thought, passing encounters, that sort of thing. We’ll have to see what turns up next!
      Hope the chemicals have evaporated, and your highlights are fine. Those in your hair… not the spellchecker ones! 😀


    1. Hi Kate… no, I haven’t read that book – I hadn’t heard of Pierre until yesterday! I’ve had a quick look at the link you have provided, and had a look at the preview… it looks quite interesting with the history. The equations are a little baffling for my non-math mind, but there will be an answer in them! I’ll add that book to my book list. Thanks for mentioning it!


  5. sounds fascinating tom have you ever thought of going to someone who can take you back it may be a lovely experience seeig as you get a glow fascinating stuff xxjen


    1. Hi Jen! I was planning on having a past life regression session, but for some reason found that I couldn’t go to where they were taking place. I would love to try it, just to see, I think it would be a great experience!


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