no timeToday’s post is a little ‘wait and see’ what happens. I’ve had a very quiet day today. I’ve enjoyed driving thanks to the fact that I have sent Bernard and Fred off on a ‘mission impossible’ type of task… they are searching for a haystack in the millions of rooms in my mind, and then they are going to search for a needle in it! It turns out they just wanted something to do, and were more than willing to take the task on board. So, no negative thoughts today. I think I should find more things to keep my mind occupied.

If I had more things to keep my mind occupied, writing posts for my blog would be a lot easier. Then again, there is nothing more challenging than a challenge; I mean it would be pretty boring if it was easy.

I’ve discovered a new fact about 1642 today. I’m still nowhere near to finding out why I’m drawn to that particular time period, but I had a prompt to look for more information when I looked at the time on my mobile phone this afternoon… 16:42. When these messages come in, they must be listened to. The event I have learned about today is based in North America, but came about with French origins. Montreal in Canada came into existence in 1642, well a part of it called Ville Marie did anyway. Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve founded the settlement, which over time grew and grew and grew!  Hopefully my knowledge of this time period will grow (maybe not as big) and I will find out once and for all why I have this connection. If not, I always have the option to try a past life regression.

I’m intrigued and apprehensive at the same time about being hypnotised. Intrigued at what I may find out and experience, and apprehensive about having information ‘placed’ inside my mind rather than me remembering it (or being made to walk like a chicken!) I’m sure there are some bona fide past life therapists out there, and I am certainly not casting any aspersions that they would partake in parlour tricks. I’ll try to find out what I can for myself first though, and, when the time is right, I just know that I’ll meet one of these therapists entirely by chance. Coincidences do happen – and to me quite a lot!

Back on the subject of keeping my mind busy, I find that the time passes much more quickly when I have something to concentrate on. I will have to have a think tomorrow for something that I can be getting on with in work on Monday, otherwise I’ll have another week as un-productive as last week. Time for thinking of nothing is for the weekends, or evenings, when I want to have a rest, and notice that I am taking things easy. It’s not really the best option for when I’m meant to be working. And saying that, I have had, possibly, one of the longest Saturdays I can remember! Not long and boring, but rather long and very enjoyable. A great restful day, with no negativity. In fact, when I checked the time on my mobile phone, I was expecting it to be much later, so I was pleasantly surprised twice by the time.

Although I want to be doing something to help me to write my posts and pass the time in work, in the same breath, I don’t want to be doing anything in my own time, which is kind of paradoxical in itself as I write my posts in my own time – so I’m doing something anyway! I’m passing the time writing about doing something that has changed how the time passes. I’m doing my usual ‘looking too deeply’ thing here, so I think I’ll leave it right there!

All in all, I’ve had a fabulous Saturday! No complaints! And I feel good. I love to feel good! Just thought I’d mention that…

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful Saturday Tom! My Saturday felt like I was an ox driven by a whip! hehe! It’s interesting. As I was reading your post and your thoughts on your fascination for 1642, I was thinking..”Maybe he should just get a reading done, on his past life” and there it was, you mentioned it.
    I didn’t know past life regression sessions had anything to do with hypnosis though. I had a tarot card reading done, and I learnt a little about my past life..a few “ding” light bulb moments on some of the stuff I learnt.
    I don’t believe in coincidences though, more of everything happens for a reason.


    1. Hi Shree, sorry to hear you had a busy Saturday. It sounds as though you had a past life reading through the Tarot, rather than a regression where you are hypnotised and guided through those previous lives. The idea is growing on me daily! I’ve found out that there is a past life therapist who lives just up the road from me too (well, in the next town but that’s very local…!)
      As for coincidences, I can’t not believe in them, I experience so many. But I still believe that everything happens for a reason. Coincidences to me are saying I am in the right place at the right time to experience them…


  2. Sounds like the perfect Saturday Tom, mine was similar but I spent most of my day reading/writing and cooking


  3. My Saturday was so much better than the previous Saturday that I am smiling so hard my face has stuck in that position. (Mayhap I look a bit like the Joker?) but what the heck, a smile a day keeps the um…apple away?… I’m sure the twosome will find the needle soon, so maybe best to come up with a quest Sir Aquatom, a unending one, like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? (I’d be interested in that one)
    I kept seeing 11.11 but I’ve decided it may mean something like November 2011? So, I’ll put my imagination on hold for the moment and see what’s going to happen then. Good to read you’re still hell bent on finding your connection to 16.42, interesting to learn about Montreal. See? you’re educating me too, which is more than my History teacher managed to do. Take care and many thanks for your good wishes re:- Bess, mucho appreciated. 😀 xPenx


    1. I’m pleased for your better Saturday, Pen, and the Joker look is quite fetching in certain lights.
      I like the sound of the rainbow challenge – you’ve certainly got me thinking about that one… I can conjure up rainbows you know?
      11:11 is a good time to spot – I used to see it regularly, and 3:33, but not at the same time (obviously!)
      The good wishes are still valid as well, Pen! 😀


      1. ah now, can you send them places? Rainbows I mean, then if you could send them round this-away, I could mayhap look for aforementioned pot of gold ‘meself,’ (that’s my Irish accent) I’m not really Irish just trying it our for luck..
        # Begorrah!! # xx


  4. thanks for the “Can-con” (Canadian content) in this post, Tom, it always does my little heart good to know other people out there know we exist…i’m all for the past life regression thing, but at the same time, i’m enjoying the slow reveal…happy to know you had an excellent saturday!


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