Recurring dreams, random interpretation

I dream a lot.

I dream about flying, a very large house, and jogging very often. My other dreams are random, usually ‘one offs’, but occasionally I may have a similar dream at another time. The first three I listed are the main recurring dreams I have, and as I dream about them often I tend to remember them more.

I enjoy my flying dreams immensely. The freedom I feel, the views I can see, the crispness of the air that I feel when I fly are all very refreshing. These dreams are vivid, as flying isn’t a thing I can do naturally, but when I dream of flying it’s as though it is something I have always been able to do. Although, I do experience some rather embarrassing moments in my flying dreams from time to time.

The most embarrassing dream of flying I had was when I couldn’t get any height in my flight. Oh, I was flying – I knew that, but only about half a centimetre off the ground! My clothes were touching the ground I was that low, but I was off the ground. The height itself wasn’t as embarrassing as the speed. I was moving forwards at an exceptionally slow speed, far slower than walking. As I was outside, on a busy street, people had to walk around me. I could wave and speak to people who I knew, but they thought I was lying in the road. I was flying! If they’d have stopped and looked, they’d have seen that I was moving, but they had to go to wherever they were going to, and didn’t notice.

Writing about this dream has highlighted to me that it looks as though I was trying to bring attention to other people something I could do, but I wasn’t fast enough; or needed to aim higher to get people to see this thing that I could do. People were passing me by as I wasn’t allowing myself to be seen more. If only I could remember what I was doing in my real world when I had the dream, I could possibly act on it. Unless it was a prophetic dream, highlighting something that I need to do at some point in my future… I was moving forwards in my dream – it could indicate forward thinking… hmmm…

Another recurring flying dream I had is kind of the opposite to my low flying adventure. I’m flying high in the sky. Landing on rooftops. Performing somersaults in the clouds. Looking at my home town from completely different angles. I could fly at speed or slowly – I could even hover in the air, no movement at all. But I had a problem with landing. For some reason, I couldn’t land on the ground. I had to try to land on a wall or a fence and then jump off to the ground. Yes, it’s a little odd, I know… but it’s a dream – it’s not as though I’ve made it up! I’d come in to land perfectly. I’d have the wall in my sights, overshoot it, and land in a crumpled mess on the ground. I would get down to the ground, but not in the elegant way that someone who can perform somersaults in the clouds should do so.

Now, then. If the other dream was highlighting the fact that I need to aim higher, this one could be indicating that I need to remain grounded. I can do all of the flashy stuff if I want to do that, but remember to keep myself firmly on the ground. Don’t try to over-reach things, or I will be in a mess… hmmm again…

I very often dream of living in a very large house, or visiting a very large house, that has many rooms, or I have dreams that feature a particular room. I wrote once about a dream I had where I won £100,000.00 by managing to get into a room. I’ve had dreams where I’ve found a hidden staircase inside a built in cupboard, or behind a curtain, which led up to a completely new floor I had never seen before. The floor isn’t visible from outside the house(s) until after I’ve discovered it. And I’ve dreamt of staying in a house with lots of different levels on each floor. The corridors seem to meander their way around the house, and various rooms are off this corridor, either above or below floor level. Stairways and steps feature heavily in these dreams, as do doors.

Doors can indicate opportunities – I’m using the same kind of thinking that I used with the flying dreams now – and the rooms, especially the hidden rooms, could indicate new discoveries, or finding something really old. The stairs could indicate steps needed to find them – either the opportunities or the discoveries: to find either I always have to ‘take the first step’. Hmmm… once more.

And the dreams about jogging. Me jogging. Ha ha ha! That is more unbelievable than the flying dreams I have, yet they feel perfectly natural when I’m dreaming of jogging. I’m never out of breath, always look the part, and feel good when I’m completing my run. The jogging part itself could be my subconscious telling me that there are some things that I can do, even though I say to myself I can’t. And if I was to go for a jog, I would certainly feel very good with myself if I completed the whole circuit. Then again, the jogging could be an indicator to get a move on. Once I start what I want to do, I’ll feel good about that too. Plus I’ll feel even better when I can see that coming to completion. Hmmm… are there any other sounds to indicate thinking?

So, in conclusion, one interpretation of my dreams is that I need to reach higher. Perform well, and highlight what I can do really well. Don’t let opportunities pass me by, but also remember to keep myself grounded. I have to make the first step to get started, I will feel really good while I’m doing it, and look forward to the outcome. I only need to know what it is that I want to do and I’m away.

If my dreams are anything to go by, and my interpretation is right, I really could be flying very soon indeed. And I find that very exciting!

16 Comments on “Recurring dreams, random interpretation

  1. hmm? you got me there….I can’t think of any other sounds to indicate thinking at all!! Hang on…Just googling…(just hold your horses for a while!!) . hmmm and it seems not..other than Um? or seems that one ‘m’ indicates thinking whereas two ‘mm”s indicates a questioning tone? anyway…I got sidetracked…sorry!!
    It seems you have already interpreted your dreams, and should you wish not to ‘fly’ off any tall buildings…keep off roofs?…. BUT another view is you’re gonna fly high, in your job maybe?, find unexpected treasures where you’d least expect them, and join a fitness club? 😉 … and here’s me just has nightmares about not finding Johnny Depp only his Top Hat!! (Mad Hatter reference!!… not a euphemism, honest!!) xPenx


    • Pen, I want to fly! But I’ll not do it from any rooftops, I promise!!! And yes please, well, to unexpected treasures at least; fitness clubs and me kind of grate on each other. I needed emergency assistance once at a gym when my knees were trapped on either side of my head as I was stuck on a weight machine. I was using it correctly, but had selected the wrong weight setting and couldn’t push the weight back up!!! Still, you live and learn. Luckily I lived… I carried on using the machine afterwards!

      I misread your last sentence as finding Johnny Depp only in his top hat, and I couldn’t work out the euphemism, until I read it again… I’ll get the hang of speed reading one day! 😀


      • Are you sure you were using the weight machine correctly? Knees stuck on either side of head had me in stitches and if you hadn’t received help I suppose you would have been that way too 😉
        OOooOO…Did you follow the embedded link? hmmm? I’ve just learned how to do it..xx


        • Yes, I did click on the link Pen, I was going to mention it – well, ask how you did it – but got sidetracked by the knees around my head incident. It was a leg weight machine, by the way – There are quite a few links for hmmm. So, links can be added to replies, eh?


          • yup. well I was nosying about one day, slack day at work, and I saw this WordPress title, “Are you well versed in comment Etiquette?” and being one who thought she might be, I went to check it out… Apparently this is the formula which you embed, …
            replacing where it says link in between the “”with the http addy in question, and the word/words you want as the link in between the arrows >text< (are you following? 'cos it took me a while before I felt safe enough to try it) anyway having a go again with the etiquette link… This’ll just be the 3rd time of trying it so fingers crossed..(which is how I usually type anyhow!) 😉 xPenx


            • oops, something went wrong… when I copied and pasted the formula it just turned into ‘text’ and when I clicked on it, it took me to a previous blog of yours called links lost??? what the flip?… I think I need a lie down, but the good news is the etiquette link works and the formula is there… on 3/ stay on topic… happy linking…xx


              • It’s a good job I tried the link thing before clicking on your ‘text’ link. I did laugh at that links lost link though – I’m sure things like this just happen to confuse me!


  2. All these dreams sound so exciting, I wish I had them! I’ve not dreamed in years, or at least not any that I remember. I’m one of those people that lays their head on the pillow and the alarm goes off 8 hours later with little or no recollection of anything in-between.

    I do think you’re on the right track with your thinking though, it appears your dreams are telling you that things are taking off for you. Enjoy the journey Aquatom.


    • Thanks, Trevor. I only need to get things into the correct order, and I’ll be flying! 😀

      I’m sorry to read that you don’t remember your dreams – I’m not too keen on the nights where as soon as my head has hit the pillow it is time to get up again… my dreams allow me the time to feel as though I’m asleep… I think that’s what I’m trying to say…


  3. Good read Tom 🙂
    My recurring flying dreams have been happening for a long time now. It often starts off as me standing somewhere and somehow joyous at the realization of how easy levitating off the ground is. I go up a few centimeters and am sketchy at keeping balance while afloat but somehow seem to be improving my flying skills exponentially…. I always get distracted or noticed before my ability starts deteriorating and I fail to land or find balance (usually on a high branch or not being able to fly over a very steep mountain)


    • Hello! Thanks for commenting!
      Flying dreams are really good, aren’t they? One day, I’m sure we’ll be able to perfect our technique… even if only in our dreams!


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