I love thoughts. I love ideas. I love inspiration.

I love reading other blogs because they include other people’s thoughts. They make me think. They give me ideas… and inspiration. I have lots of blogs listed in my recommendations page that I frequently visit, to have a little insight into the minds and the worlds of the people who write them. I have other blogs stored in my bookmarks, which I visit whenever I get the chance, again for the same reasons. And I have books, websites and other sources to be able to fill my mind with the thoughts and ideas that other people have been willing to share.

I like thinking about thoughts. The disconnected, faraway ‘what if’ notions that crop up in times of boredom… the shocking, frightening thoughts that fill me with dread when I’m walking down a dark alleyway in the early hours of the morning all alone and there are noises around me… the silly, happy thoughts about pink elephants, green skies and watermelon shoes… the naughty, adult thoughts when seeing someone that makes me say “Ooh, Hello!”… the desperate, stressed thoughts when trying to race against the clock and being stuck at a red traffic light… the imaginary, heroic thoughts when I’m rescuing the world… the confused, blank thoughts when trying to answer TV quiz show general knowledge questions… and the random, bizarre thoughts about isosceles triangles and yogurt. Yes, I’ve thought about every one of them at some time in my life… and others as well. I’ve been around for a while, and to while away the time, I think.

I’ve been thinking lately about other people’s thoughts. Not the type of thoughts included in my paragraph above, although I’m sure other people would have had those thoughts too, but how the world would be if we could ‘hear’ other people’s thoughts. At first, I thought it would be a great idea. But I started to have second thoughts…

  • We’d know instantly if someone didn’t like us, so we’d stay clear. (Well, if they don’t like us there is no point trying to get them to change their mind, is there? They can change their mind at any time they want to – and like us – but they would have to work on that one. They’d probably like us even less if we tried to get them to change their mind. I’m all for free will)
  • We’d know instantly if someone liked us. As in really liked us. As in “Ooh, Hello!”. We’d be flattered at first, but imagine it all of the time, day in day out. I’d probably be screaming “Make them stop!” after the first half an hour or so.
  • We’d know instantly if someone was going to act dishonestly towards us. This in itself sounds like a good reason to be able to hear other people’s thoughts, but this is where the confusion really begins. Well, we can all hear each other’s thoughts. Why would someone let us know that they were going to act dishonestly? What’s going on? What is their real intention? No, I don’t like this one…
  • We’d be one step ahead of the Joneses. Or they’d be one step ahead of us. Or we’d all be one step ahead of each other. This is a classic case of a thought paradox. We’d be racing ahead and playing catch up at the same time. Too confusing.
  • Poker players would find what they do quite difficult. I don’t know anything about poker, but I believe a certain amount of bluffing is involved. You can’t bluff when everyone can see what you are seeing.

I read somewhere once that other people’s thoughts are nobody else’s business. Which, after thinking about the downfalls of being able to hear other people’s thoughts, I feel is a very valid statement. I think in the same book it said that if someone tells you that they think you are fat, or ugly, or stunning, or the most fantastic person they have ever met, or wear the most horrendous watermelons, you don’t need to accept it. They are telling you about their thoughts, which really are none of your business. (And the book didn’t mention watermelons. When I find the book, I’ll edit this post with it’s and the author’s name).

I think that the important thing about thoughts is that they are our own. We can share them, keep them secret, dream about them, or act on them however we wish to. We can talk about them, but with the understanding that we are telling people our own private business, and it is up to them how they think about it.

I like this blog because I can write about my thoughts. I like it because people can pop along and read about my thoughts. Some comment and share their thoughts with me. And I like hearing their thoughts in these cases, because they are thoughts that they are willing to share.

My thoughts are very random and haphazard, which I think is very evident in the blog. Changeable. I like changeable. I’ve called the blog Me! Me! Me me me! really because it’s all about me… I think! It’s a journey through my thoughts. I think it is also nice to bring in other people’s thoughts every now and then. We’re all in it together then!



  1. really enjoyed taking a dip in your stream of consciousness, aquatom1968.

    i have to agree – other people’s thoughts are none of my business, but when someone wants to share, well, that is an honour and a pleasure – i’m happy that you share yours.


    1. Thank you, Bex.

      I’d like to think that I’m not as scatterbrained as I seem to be in the random things I write about, but I like writing about them anyway… and I’m happy that you’re happy that I share.


  2. Hmm, I’m staring hard at the top of your page and can you read my mind? … yup, Me, Me Me is imprinted on my subconscious…(I typed that correctly all in one go.!!)
    I agree, in that being bombarded by other peoples thoughts, trying to sort them out, and which to take offense at…No, better to leave well alone and just read faces. Something which I’m really bad at…(now I’m trying to think of something I’m really good at) … and I also agree, sharing your thoughts through words as blogs, poems or stories is where it’s at… Hi 5…bro!! (my hand just hit the screen!!) 😉 xPenx


    1. Hi5 right back atcha Pen! When I’m hip, I’m hip! …

      I’m not good at reading faces either, but I can ‘do’ happiness. I think that’s a natural one, though…


  3. You’re not the only one who’s thoughts meander all over the place, mine seem to wander all over the place and can change at any given moment. In fact I quite enjoy this about my mind, I like taking a few quiet moments to let my mind wander into a daydream, the more often I can do this I find the more creative I get when it comes to my writing.

    I have to admit I wouldn’t fancy knowing other peoples thoughts either apart from that women I saw the other day 😉 She smiled at me for no apparent reason, she had the most stunning blue eyes I’ve ever seen, not your everyday blue, her eyes looked as if they were backlit, bright and sparkly, I meander giving voice to my daydream ………….


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