Where have all the trees gone?

I’m sure that I spend half of the time with my eyes closed. I’m not referring to the time that I’m asleep, so I suppose my first sentence should actually read “I’m sure that I spend three quarters of the time with my eyes closed”, but that is too long winded. I know, I’ll start again.

I’m sure that I spend half of my time awake with my eyes closed… At the back of Aquatom Mansion there is a park. I couldn’t see much of it as it was surrounded by trees, but I could see it through the occasional gaps between the trees. And even if I couldn’t see the park for the trees, I knew it was there anyway.

Well I can certainly see it now. Where the trees were, there are now stumps. I have counted thirty stumps, but there are others around that are slightly out of range of my vision.

I’m positive the trees were there yesterday.

I don’t know how long it takes to cut a tree down, but with the amount of them it must have taken a day at least, or a crack team of tree surgeons have been brought in to remove all of the trees overnight. They must have also used specialist silent tree cutting tools, as I heard nothing. Fortunately, they have left a few trees still standing – unless they are coming back for them tonight.

I’m slightly disappointed that they have decided to remove the trees. As well as providing privacy, they also gave me the opportunity to watch the occasional bird hopping from branch to branch. In heavy rains, I enjoyed looking at the trees and imagined them enjoying the downpour. Their leaves became a more vivid green and they seemed to be standing more upright, their branches appearing like arms reaching upwards, rather than being weighed down by the rain. And to be honest, the trees provided a far better view than the one I now have of the park… or the basketball court that is in the middle of it. I’ve gone from being able to look at natural colours to man made gaudy, primary reds, yellows and blues. Don’t get me wrong, I like colours, but I prefer the more natural ones.

I hope they are going to plant some new trees. They can’t just leave it like it is now.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll look out and see this has happened, but I’m not holding my breath.

Although I may have to if more trees start to vanish mysteriously.

9 Comments on “Where have all the trees gone?

  1. Awwww. Poor trees! That’s so sad! Maybe those trees had a fungus or something and they need to replace them with healthy tress. That’d be the BEST reason to chop ’em.

    I anthropomorphise trees so hard. I totally get it when you say that you imagine them enjoying a downpour.


  2. bugger, I hate it when Trees are cut down, …OK if they’re diseased and may prove a danger…dropping on people – wise I can accept the reasoning, BUT sheer wanton murder of these giants of Nature is raising my blood pressure something awful.. ‘cos I can’t get out the words I want to say to describe how I feel .,Um gotta dash ,.dinners ready But I will be back.. (Arnie wise) xPenx


  3. and…..of course WBA vs Man United have just played……blimey … l close run thing. our new goalie is not up to Van Der Saar’s talent , or so it seem.s early days I know but…nervous he seemed.. we won 2-1 yaaay!!
    BUTT I do wish these people’d consider the wider picture when chopping trees down. I heard of some Council saying that Conkers were dropping on local School children thus the Horse Chestnut Trees needed removing,… a nanny state which is bringing up namby pamby kids who can’t take a knock or two in life. Sheesh!!
    I do hope the replacement trees, if any are planted, aren’t quick growing Spruce, instead of Native British ones…I do so hate that…. as if voila` : look any tree will do: type of thing. Sigh and more sighs!! … anywho,….thanks for the link Sir Aquatom, always helps to fill in the blanks.. Hope you’re having a good Sunday.. xPenx


    • sorry , but I always check my typing…and cripes awful, but why am I talking like Yoda from Star Wars?… seems backwards I am? 😉 xx


    • The good news is that there are more trees out there now than there were back then, so there may have been a reason for chopping them down in the first place. The bad news is that I don’t know what trees they are, but they do seem to have grown quite quickly.
      It’s that health and safety overriding common sense debate again. We’ll not be allowed out in the daytime soon in case the Sun is too bright. Or hot. Or both!
      Good news on your win by the way, Pen… I’d love to add a comment about your new goalie, but I’m equally as baffled about the old one (meaning I haven’t got a clue), so I’ll just end with a quick ‘well done, you!’ 😀


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