Verily verbose

OK, I think that’s it.

This is my last postaday2011 post using my current theme. Back on January 1st, I decided that I would link all of my postaday posts together with this theme, although the posts themselves may have had no other relevance to each other, or to my blog itself. However, as my blog is about anything and everything they all fit in somehow! At the beginning of the month, I said that I would have expected to get to February before I ran out of ideas, but that should have been almost February.

My postaday posts have all been linked together by double letters of the alphabet! January 1st’s postaday entry was “Ambling aimlessly”; the entry for the 2nd was “But… but…!”; on the 3rd I wrote about “Curious catchphrases”; and the 4th’s post was titled “During December”.

They all more or less came quite easily. Some I wrote the title to before the post itself, and others after the post had been written. Some letters caused a bit of a problem. I don’t know what happened to the entry for the letter K, it seemed to have gotten compacted into one word, but it was meant to be two – it must have had something to do with the brackets I suppose. Q’s entry was a bit of a bother, as I wanted the titles to make some kind of sense. And this one too for that matter – that is also the reason why I’m waffling on like this rather than just writing the single paragraph I had planned for this post.

I’ve decided to stop today, rather than going to the end for one reason, and one reason only. The letter X is, or was, two days away. I probably do know some words beginning with X, but I don’t actually recall using any X words in general conversation. Yes, I’ve spoken about the odd xylophone occasionally in the past, and on the 13th January, my postaday post was “Musically minded” where I wrote about knocking two pieces of wood together in the school music room. I’ve just discovered that xylo- means wood (from Greek) so in a way I kind of played a very small xylophone that day. Well, I’ll tell myself that anyway! I like learning new things so that’s a bonus.

So, I’ve got to day 22 with letter 22. Not bad really. The good thing is today is also the 22nd. It’s funny how these things work out… it’s as though they have been planned! No, I’m joking. 22 is the double of 11, this year is 2011, so I chose double letters to start the year. 22 is as good a time to stop as any. And no, it isn’t a catch 22 situation. I will continue with my postaday challenge, only slightly more random.

If ever it could be…

3 responses to “Verily verbose”

  1. bex avatar


    hey! nice new background!


    1. aquatom1968 avatar

      Yes, I couldn’t resist using it after my post the other day. It makes things feel more open.


      1. bex avatar

        it really suits your page.


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