Or Tom. In fact, you can call me whatever you want to! 😀

I wanted a different title to this post to the one that I was originally going to use, which was “The World According To Ack”. Basically, it is another of my random ramblings on things in my life that have a common connection. The common connection this time, is that all of these things are a part of my life, and have “Ack” in them. So, without further ado, I present to the world my Ack connections:

My username. Aquatom1968. Mysterious ultra powered blogger by day – and night – and a mild mannered computer type – but not made the geek grade yet – person in works time. Part dreamer, part fantasist, partist (that’s an arty way of saying part artist), part thinker, and most part observer of things in my own unique way. More often than not wrong, but who’s counting? And also, my home… Aquatom Mansion.

My back. I’m not unique here – most people have a back. All have a background. Mine seems to go way back into the depths of history… and beyond. More later, or before, depending on how you view things.

A crackpot… dictionary definition “An eccentric person, especially one with bizarre ideas” would definitely not be used to describe me. I’m far too sane. Yes I am.

My cackle when I’m experiencing laughing Sunday all over again – it is contagious. Please don’t make me laugh. You won’t like me when I laugh.

Fallback – Blog posts I have at one side in case I can’t think of anything to write. I haven’t had to use one of these for a long time now, well, since last May.

Flapjacks – yum!

Flashbacks – 1642 and all that! I seem to have these quite regularly.

Gack! A noise I shout when I’m suddenly surprised.

A computer hack – which I am not, but you would think I was in work with what I have to do! Not moaning…!

Jack – which I may or may not have in my car. If I do have one I still couldn’t use it properly!

Jackpot – sometimes I think that I really want to win it, and other times I think that I already have!

Knackered – just sometimes…

Lack – something I am moving away from (intentionally), the opposite being abundance which I am surrounded by.

Mack. No, not the coat, Allison Mack from Smallville. I’m closely connected to Smallville. Being called Tom and being a mystery man are part of that connection.

Pack. I thought this was the collective name for a group of vampires but now I’m not too sure. I read somewhere that ‘bleed’ is more suited… a bleed of vampires appeared out of the darkness and within a split second I was surrounded. “Gack!” I managed to shout as one of them sank his sharp teeth deep into my neck…

Quack. When I walk around the lake I meet lots of ducks, and this is what they say.

Rack. This is what I do to my brains when I can’t think of what it is that I am trying to think of. This sounds like it should hurt, but it doesn’t, although it kind of does at the same time.

Snacks… yum!

Tracks. Favourite pieces of music.

Wacky – please refer to crackpot.

Yack. What I tend to do, but try not to do, on my blog. As in yackety yack. Talking nonsense. No, I backtrack! Try is not in my vocabulary.

Zack. I think I do not know any Zacks. But a thought is a part of me, so there’s the (slightly tenuous) link.

And there they are – my A to Z of Acks.

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