Night night!

Just a quick post tonight. I was going to post another one as well as this, but I have ran out of time unfortunately, so I have had to save that one to my drafts. It is a slightly eerie tale featuring vampires and newspaper journalists, but it will have to wait for now. I can’t post an unfinished entry, can I? Or, I could, and leave the ending up to the reader’s imagination. Now there’s a thought… we’ll see.

Glorious day today. Went walking around the lake, and felt the warm sun on my face. I’ll say it again. I felt the warm sun on my face! I had to go back to work though, as the wind was very chilly. The sun was only warm when it wasn’t windy, and it wasn’t windy not very often. But, at one time, the wind stopped, and the sun was deliciously warm.

I’m now off to visit some people who I don’t know, and some who I do but don’t experience my phobia with. I’m out haunting! Friday night is my night to paint the town red.

Only with my DIY skills it kind of stays the normal colour… slightly grey and dark, but with the odd sparkle of flashing colours.

And, it is officially the weekend!

Great times! Chilling, chilling, chilling and shopping. And hopefully chopping if I manage to get my haircut! Time will tell!

Happy Friday Night!!!

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