Musically minded

I like listening to any kind of music, I really do. I can’t say I know the words to most songs that I listen to, but I tend to get the general idea. I have OKish hearing – not the best but it’s good enough for me – so I can hear the different tones and notes in the music and songs being played. I used to be able to write the musical notes on those five line things that music is written on, but I can’t do that now. Well, I can, but I wouldn’t recommend listening to it. Apologies to any musicians who are reading this post, but it was years ago when I composed my last piece of music. And look at me, making myself sound as though I’m Ludwig Van Beethoven. Of course I’m not, but we do have remarkably similar hair… the five line thing is a staff or stave if I remember rightly…

I don’t know if it has anything to do with my hearing, but my singing voice is a little off. In my mind, I am singing pitch perfect. And to my hearing, the tones that are leaving my mouth are angelic and perfectly in tune with the music that is being played softly in the background. Well, the music starts softly, but by the end I can’t hear myself think the volume is so high – I think I’m receiving a signal that my singing isn’t anything special.

I know that. I have heard a recording of my singing voice. That is why it is all the more special when I do sing nowadays. My speaking voice isn’t much better, but at least I speak in tune. Well, I think I do.

With my musical mind, I am certain I can play an assortment of musical instruments. I’ve mentioned in the past that I would like to play the harp, and perhaps the violin too, I seem to like that sound as well. I’m sure I can play them with ease. I’ll take to them like a duck to water.

Years ago, when I first started in the music class at school, I was looking forward to playing the piano. I was asked to sing a verse from one of the hymns, and was promptly told to stop. I was then given two blocks of wood to knock together to keep time. Others could sing or play good musical instruments and I was knocking wood together. You’d think after that, I wouldn’t be interested in music. Which is also kind of true.

My path could have been so different if I’d been allowed to continue to sing that day. Or even if I was asked to play the drums, or the triangle even. But no, I was given the wood, and I have followed the path I was destined to follow.

Slightly musically minded, slightly in a different dimension. But music or no music, looking back it was fun.

It’s not what we do that matters, it’s how we do it.

I did it my way…

3 responses to “Musically minded”

  1. bex avatar

    i like this post. the cool thing about those wooden blocks is that they are right near some of the first instruments humans probably used – you were totally getting in touch with a more primal time of our music history.

    hey! two more for your book list!
    “This is Your Brain on Music” and “The World in Six Songs” – same author but these books are like whoa. there was a documentary made about “This is Your Brain on Music” – haven’t seen it, but apparently fascinating, the guy gets Sting to compose a piece of music while his brain is being scanned.


    1. aquatom1968 avatar

      Primal Aquatom was good with keeping the time… I just thought that at the time I had been given the short straw… but you are right. Our very early ancestors would have loved those wooden blocks – and so do I! 😀

      And that does it! New page on my blog coming soon!


      1. bex avatar

        hooray for wooden blocks!

        excellent – i look forward to the new page…actually, may i have a new page too? i’m losing track of books people are telling me to read…


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