I have a throbbing thumb.

It is throbbing ‘coz of what I’ve done.

A light bulb broke within its socket.

Well, not the glass – that was whole.

The bayonet mount wouldn’t come apart.

I pushed and twisted to no avail.

I tried to get a better grip, I heard a fizzle and had a start!

My thumb had touched something live…

I managed to move and gave a wail!

My thumb now throbs I’m pleased to say…

I’d rather that…


Yes, I very nearly electrocuted myself changing a lightbulb! I’m not really at one with the world of do-it-yourself, which I consider lightbulb changing to fall under. I am very pleased with the fact that I managed to fix one of the door handles back on that had mysteriously fallen off the door all of a sudden a few days ago – I mean to say, how can a door handle fall off? It was screwed in with three screws, and had a cover over it, yet it fell off. It has been on the door for over ten years, and it suddenly decides to fall off? What is the world coming to? Anyway, crisis averted due to my magnificent DIY skills. And it is still on now!

I have a bookshelf that I need putting up. It isn’t a very large bookshelf, but it can hold quite a few books. I need it putting up because I have quite a few books in a box at present, and they would be far better on the bookshelf. Now, since I screwed the door handle back on that is one idea I am toying with to fix the bookshelf to the wall. My only concern is that I want the bookshelf to go on the wall by my bed, and don’t fancy the idea of it falling off when I’m asleep at night. Another idea is to use ‘No More Nails’ which is a kind of glue, I believe. My only concern here is that I may never be able to get the bookshelf down again if I want to move it. Well, that concern or the one where half of the wall comes down with it. Right, quick change of mind and problem solved! I will have the bookshelf standing, leaning against the wall. I have a space where it can go, and I will not end up with any holes in the wall this way. I’ll also have easier access to the books. That’s a better idea.

Like I say, I’m not too good at DIY. I actually refer to it as DIA (Do It Again). I painted my kitchen one time, and managed to choose the most runny paint ever created in the history of the universe. Not only were the walls covered with blobs and streaks of paint all down the wall, I think I had more paint over my arm and face than there actually was on the wall. And the paintbrush! I felt sorry for the paintbrush. That object took all the blame for the wall and me not looking as I intended when I had finished. And I use the word ‘finished’ very lightly indeed. I’ve got used to the streaky wall now, I’m pleased to say.

I’m not completely useless at DIY. I may have painted myself in a bad light there… <- he he! See what I did there? Painted myself in a bad light (the broken lightbulb)… oh, never mind! I have managed to buy some good paint and decorated another room with hardly an excess drop anywhere. I also managed to change the windscreen wipers on my car in two hours – the reason for the length of time here was because I couldn’t find anyone to do it for me.

In fact, I quite like DIY. Just as long as someone can do it for me! 😀

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