I’m in a left three and nine. Apple sauce, I’ve been bibberty bobberty booed. I wrongs are coming out word. It’s very laugh though. Dream place was nice before this morning. Eyelids covered balls for many minutes. Hundreds of them were counted not as I didn’t sit, snoring. Not. Zedding between the bedding. Water droplets sprinkled without the window I used my ears to notice at some point. Clapperty boom and startle flashing was experienced during slumber. And swish wished leaves rustled with rattly letter boxes. Ringy ding thing oh rub eyes before bath. Then employment.

Earlier before now but later than employment finished, food was chewed and swallowed, and produced pleasure. Square box with movey pictures within the light was observed by I, and liked. And yet I get to now. With hope, this funny spell will be no longer in me again after shut eyes. Still. Earlier than the next time right now the latter!



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