The weird post about nothing

This post is about nothing.

Well, it isn’t, if I’m honest. It’s about the something that we call ‘nothing’. And I wasn’t being economical with the truth when I said it was about nothing either… I was being truthful, because it is about nothing.

Whenever we say we are doing nothing is that really what we are doing? If we are doing anything, we must be doing something, so surely that must include ‘doing’ nothing. And if we aren’t physically doing anything, we are still being, we are still breathing, we are still seeing, hearing, smelling, thinking, feeling and living. That’s quite a long list for doing nothing.

If we are sitting waiting we are still doing something. If we class sitting waiting as doing nothing, then the same could be said for watching television, writing a message that no-one will see, imagining a better future, smiling at a glorious sunset, listening to laughter in another room, looking at the stars in the evening and watching rain fall against a window. We’re not doing anything apart from those things, are we? I think I spend the majority of my time doing nothing.

Look at an empty room. What’s in it? Nothing? Think again!

The room is full of empty space for starters. It’s full of oxygen. It’s full of unlimited possibilities of how the room can look once it isn’t empty. And, to think a little further outside the box, what makes the room? Is it the floor, the ceiling and the walls, or the space between them?

Look at the universe. The space between the stars and the planets, the meteors and the asteroids, the rockets and the debris… there’s nothing between all of them, is there? Space is a vacuum, there’s no air – but there has got to be something between them, otherwise they’d all be clumped together – something has got to be keeping them apart.

When you are doing a crossword puzzle, and you are trying to come up with an answer to one of the clues, but the answer is just eluding you, you are still thinking, although it appears nothing is coming to mind.

If you are in pitch darkness, so dark that you can not see anything, you are not seeing ‘nothing’ are you? You are seeing the darkness.

When you are listening to a radio which has been tuned out of the nearest radio station, you are hearing the static noises even though the radio is not receiving any clear signals.

There’s a lot more to nothing than first meets the eye… or maybe I’m just making something out of nothing…

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