I’ve been looking to see if I can see any of the Perseids meteor shower tonight – I didn’t get chance to look out last night. And I was in luck! Within the first two seconds of looking out of my window a star streaked across the sky above me!

At first, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was at how quick it was before I saw one, but when I read briefly about them on line, there should be between 60 – 100 visible if there is hardly any light pollution, and up to ten in inner cities. Well, I’m not in a city, and the skies are clear tonight, so I’m guesstimating that I should see between 40 – 60 in an hour.

I’m really happy that I’ve seen the one that I have. I don’t really get much chance to see meteors, shooting stars or comets, or anything like that really, in real life. Yes, I’ve seen them on TV in documentaries and sci-fi shows, but not in the actual flesh, so to speak.

Many years ago, when I was little, I remember seeing a huge red ball fall from the sky. Bright red and very large. I was intrigued as to what it was, and one of my friends – who wasn’t with me when I saw it – saw it too, although he was in considerably more shock than I. I thought it was a meteor, but I don’t know. The size of it for one thing should have made a loud explosion when it landed, but we heard nothing. The speed was quick, but not as quick as a falling object of it’s size should have been – but that could have been my imagination. Whatever it was, it looked spectacular as it fell to earth with all of it’s fiery red glory.

Tonight’s shooting star was white. It didn’t have a tail, and like I said it shot across the sky. It was too quick for an aircraft, and from my perspective it was probably too high as well.

I’m going to watch the skies again now for the next half an hour or so, to see if I can see any more. I would love to see a whole collection of them travelling across the sky together, but I don’t know if I will. The site I was looking at said they appear in fits and starts, so I suppose anything is possible.

I’ve also got some wishes ready for when I see them. Well, I can’t miss such an amazing opportunity, can I?

The meteor shower is apparently visible until the end of August, so there are still several nights where they can be seen – cloud cover permitting.

But, back to tonight… let me find a shooting star to wish upon!

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