Twenty things I… want to be better at!

Hokay, here’s a list of twenty things that I want to be better at (in no particular order):

1. To be a better listener.

If I’m listening, I’m fine. If I’m doing something else, I’m not listening as well. If I’m doing something else, and thinking of something else at the same time, listening definitely takes a back-step. Yep, room for improvement here!

2. To not judge on my first impression.

I try not to be judgmental. It isn’t fair on the person I’m judging or myself for that matter – I’m not giving either of us a chance to see the real person. I try not to be judgmental, but sometimes I am. So, another area for me to work on here!

3. To be more friendly to others.

I like to think of myself as friendly, but sometimes I think I can be stand-offish and aloof. Sometimes, I don’t intend to, but other times I do. How can I expect others to be friendly with me, if I’m not with them?

4. To be able to think quicker and speak clearer when needed.

I’m not a great speaker. One to one I sometimes struggle, and in a group I clam up completely. A complete change to a few years ago when I spoke in front of five hundred people. Not being able to speak out causes other problems too, so this is a major area that I need to be better at.

5. To bring my cartooning skills back up to scratch.

I love my own ‘art’. Some people may not agree with me, but that is their opinion. I used to love doodling caricatures of people, creating my own cartoons and characters, and creating images for books and cards and things. I stopped this due to the age old ‘no time’ limitation. Pah. Time? I’ve got loads of it!

6. To be able to handle people better.

This is relating to intimidating people, people who try to put me down. Because of my self-imposed speaking issues, more and more of these people are turning up. I should really ignore this type of person, and appreciate the people I really do like. By ‘handle’ I mean within myself – not physically!

7. To be more connected with people.

I like my own company and tend to force this opinion on those around me. Although it is true, it blocks any further connection from taking place between us. I need to be able to balance this better.

8. To be more patient at red traffic lights.

Hehehe… one of my pet hates!!! If I can handle my frustration at red traffic lights, my world will be vastly improved!

9. To look more like my vampire within – but without the bite!

And one of my pet loves. This is to do with self acceptance of how I look. It shouldn’t really matter how we look, but unfortunately in today’s world it does. I think it’s been that way for a while too, so this is nothing new. I’ve got an idea of how I would look as a vampire, and I look good. I just need to project those imaginary thoughts onto my own reality.

10. To be able to write quicker.

I have the ideas – I just need to get them down before the next one comes along. In a good order too!

11. To be able to read quicker.

Sometimes I’m reading something really good, but time catches up with me. If I could read quicker without losing the enjoyment of reading, this would be extremely beneficial!

12. To be able to be more creative when needed.

At times I don’t have ideas. Usually when I need them most. A way to balance the times I’m inundated with ideas to the times I don’t have any will help here.

13. To be able to silence my thoughts when needed.

Going to sleep and my thoughts begin to work overtime. To be able to silence them and have a good night’s sleep for longer will help me with the following day. I’ll be able to deal with the thoughts better then, too!

14. To be able to recognise if someone is being serious or not.

This is to do with confidence. It’s about me being sure that what someone is saying is not meant by them – or they mean every word. I always try to see the best in people, but do I really have to believe their every word?

15. To be able to lighten up more.

I am over serious. Seriously. I am a straight man to a straight man. There’s more to the world than being a heavy fuddy duddy. I need to lighten up and get me some enjoyment!

16. To be able to relax more.

This ties in with various areas of my life. I can be uptight around people, driving, trying to sleep, or trying to think of something new. I just need to relax more and allow more to happen!

17. To be less serious.

I think I’ve covered part of this in number 15 above, but hey, a bit of practice doesn’t hurt. My nose sometimes is bright red!

18. To be noticed for being me, rather than doing the things I do.

A confidence thing again. To be able to receive credit (when it is due) just for being me, and not having to do anything else.

19. To be able to balance my confidence levels better.

There we are – see – confidence! Sometimes my confidence levels are soaring and others they are so low I wonder where they’ve gone. And this is when I am doing the same thing! Streamline my confidence levels and balance my life!

20. To be able to learn and understand more.

I love learning new things, only nowadays things take slightly longer to sink in for me to understand them. Why is this? I’ve learnt how to learn years ago so age isn’t an issue. I’ll need to have a look at my opinion on this one, and change it!

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