A line in last night’s final episode of Doctor Who really stood out to me. Not the actual line itself, but the idea behind it. ‘Everything is just a story really’, and when you think about it, it is so true.

Memories are just a story of events from the past. Dreams are just a story of how things could be in the future, or how things could be different in the now. We are the creators of our own existence – we write the words on the blank pages in the book of our lives. We can make the story we are writing as exciting and extraordinary as we would like it to be – or we could make it as quiet and as simple as possible. We can be as creative with our descriptions and characters as any well known author, or we can adapt our own unique style and try something different.

We are doing this all of the time, but without paying attention. We have the ability to make the story of our lives an absolute best seller, which will go down in history as one of the all time greats… or we can choose just to be part of the background – a character in someone else’s life story, although there really isn’t much fun in that.

In our story, we can have, be and do whatever it is we really desire. We can be the dashing hero. We can be the beautiful princess. We can learn whatever we need to learn to help us to invent the next useful must-have household item. We can visit places where we have never been to before. We can find things that have been lost for centuries. We can make new discoveries. We can make every day as bright as we like. We can always be smiling and happy. We can be an inspiration for others to create their life stories also.

Making ourselves the lead character in our story is the best option. Writing the story in the present tense helps to keep it fresh and up to date.  Introducing the type of supporting characters we would like to know would help to bring that type of person into our real lives. We can include some really out of the ordinary experiences every now and then to add an extra level of energy. We can keep things ticking along by including some humour, some music, some art or whatever else comes to mind.

We have no limits about what we can include in our story. Nothing is far fetched. Everything we think of is part of our reality. Whether we include what we think may be far fetched – as a thought or as a fact – into the story, it is still included. We can keep out the things that we are not keen on – think “It’s my story after all, so I decide what I want in it!”

Get writing! Get creating! Start to see things in a different way. Have a look at the magical possibilities that are around. Believe in your story. Stop saying things like “That only happens to other people”, “I’m not lucky enough to do that” or “I could never in a million years do that”. Script it!

Make it happen now.

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