Although I live in my flat alone, this isn’t entirely true. I have a visitor who ‘pops in’ every now and then to let me know that she is there. This visitor isn’t from our plain of existence. No, she’s a ghostly visitor who likes nothing more than to play with my electrical equipment.

When she first visited me, I was sure it was just some kind of co-channel interference between my TV and music system, as when I changed the TV channel, the music system would switch on. I don’t know why I thought this, because surely, the music system would have switched on every time I changed a channel – but it didn’t. I think by using my music system in this way, my visitor is letting me know she is around, just in case I catch sight of her and jump out of my skin. I haven’t seen her yet, and hopefully, I will be fine when I do – I would love to get to know her more.

I remember one day when I was sorting through some papers – I think I was looking for something important – she came in and switched on my music system. I didn’t have the TV on this particular time – so that really throws out my earlier theory. I usually say ‘hello’ when she does this, but this day, I really needed to find this paperwork. I just reached for the music system’s remote control, and switched it off again. I knelt back down, and just as I touched a piece of paper again, the system switched on again. Again I switched it off, and got back to what I was doing. It came on again – I switched it off again. This happened for a few more times, and I realised that I wasn’t getting anywhere, having to get up every ten seconds or so to switch of the music system. I decided that my best course of action would be to switch the thing off at the mains, so there was no power going to it at all (it doesn’t have any kind of battery back-up). So I did. I unplugged the power lead from the socket, and got back down to my papers.

What happened next really did shock me. The music system switched on again, and the volume was cranked up to its highest level. The system was set to play tape cassettes, so no music was coming out, just the crackly ‘white noise’ that can be heard when in stand-by mode. I literally jumped up from the floor, shouted “Sorry! Sorry!” and plugged the system back in. I turned the volume down, and switched it off again – I thought my visitor wanted to play.

The system didn’t switch on again that day. I was thinking that my visitor had made her point, and had decided to go, but a friend later said it takes a lot of energy for spirits to actually do things like this; she had probably gone for a rest to recharge her batteries.

She then didn’t return for a few months, and even now she only infrequently visits.

When she does visit now, she will still use the music system, or if I am in my bedroom, she’ll do something to the computer – usually open the DVD drawer.

I don’t find her visiting frightening – she has a lot of power and I’m sure she is capable of doing other things, but she hasn’t. No, I actually like it when she visits. I always make a point of saying “Hello” to her now, though, and let her play!

You may be wondering how I know she is a ‘she’, when I haven’t seen her. That is easy to answer. I was lying in bed one morning, just waiting to get up, when the DVD drawer on my computer opened. I said “Hello!” as usual, and I heard a female voice reply “Hello”. I thought to myself “…no…” and waited in case I heard anything else, but nothing more was said. And nothing more happened to the computer – or the music system that day.

Like I said earlier, she doesn’t tend to visit as often as she used to, but I feel very privileged when she does visit – I don’t think I offended her that day with the music system.

Apart from the electrics, nothing else unusual happens. Only one other strange thing springs to mind. I was in my bedroom again one day, and heard the sound of school children playing in a playground, and then a hand bell being rung with the children then becoming quiet. There isn’t a school near to where I live, so I don’t know where the sound came from to start with. The odd thing about this is that the complex where I live is apparently built on the site of an old school.

Did I hear an echo of the past that day, from the school?

Is my visitor a teacher from the school?

I don’t know the answers to these questions – hopefully one day I will find out. The sad thing about this is there’s only me who has experienced these events – they only happen when I am alone – so I have no one to verify what has occurred. All I can say is that the events did happen as I have written them.

I hope to write another post soon, with more details about my visitor.

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