Just a quickie today – and a list! Following on from yesterday’s post about waiting at red traffic lights, I have found myself thinking about other situations in which we need to wait. So, here follows my list of situations to think about feeling good, or to concentrate on the breath as it fills (and leaves) our bodies, or to while away the time doing something more useful, other than just idly waiting:

In no particular order:

  • Waiting to cross the road – remember to keep your attention on the road – safety first!
  • Waiting for your favourite TV programme to start
  • Waiting for your favourite TV programme to return from the commercial break
  • Waiting to go on to the toilet (no further comments necessary)
  • Waiting for an egg to boil
  • Waiting for a home-delivery meal to arrive
  • Waiting for the home-delivery meal to cool a bit so you can devour it!
  • Waiting for the rain to stop
  • Waiting for the bath to fill with water
  • Waiting to see the dentist / doctor etc
  • Waiting to drift off to sleep
  • Waiting for the postman to pop the mail through the door
  • Waiting for the person you are calling to answer the telephone
  • Waiting for the person you are visiting to open the door
  • Waiting for the current track to finish so you can hear your favourite track
  • Waiting for your download to complete
  • Waiting for your print-out to stop printing
  • Waiting in the queue at the check-out
  • Waiting for your computer to switch on
  • Waiting for your computer to switch off
  • Waiting to hear the thunder after the lightning
  • Waiting to be called to departures for your holiday
  • Waiting for the ducklings to cross the road so you can drive forward
  • Waiting for an idea to pop into your head
  • Waiting for the next lottery number to be drawn
  • Waiting in your car to pick someone up
  • Waiting for a break in the conversation so you can add your bit
  • Waiting to pass the slow person in front of you
  • Waiting for the next news story
  • Waiting for the movie to begin at the cinema
  • Waiting for your turn to be served by the ice cream man on a hot summer’s day

I make that thirty one times, and I’m sure there are many other instances, when we have to wait for something.

Imagine, putting all of these ‘spare moments’ to good use (concentrating on how good I feel, noticing how healthy I am, thinking of how I can have, be or do anything I really want, knowing I am remarkable, being grateful for everything I have etc.) Imagine, just by using this time to our advantage, just how great we can really be.

Waiting’s not too bad put that way, is it?

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