Another weekend is here. Time certainly is flying by. It only seems like yesterday that we in Britain were deep under snow, but that was four months ago! I think it’s a bit colder now, but other than that the feather’s wine!

Another day spent at work finished at 5pm. I’m not going to write about it, because, well, there aren’t really any words that describe what actually goes on there. I get paid for doing my job, and that’s that. Work time is just the time between doing everything else. It has to be done. So it is.

Now onto better things. I watched Emmerdale for the first time in ages last night and was surprised to see Suzanne Shaw from Dancing on Ice is now appearing there. I was made up for her when she won the ice skating – her dance where she was flying was amazing – I have to check it out every once in a while on YouTube. The actor who plays Aaron seems to be doing a good job. It’s traumatic enough to come out, but to have to do it in court in front of everybody, well, that just adds to the trauma.

I think I’ve actually gone back in. I don’t know what has happened to me over the last few years. My fun personality has been replaced with something completely different. I was never one for great conversation, a bit on the shy side, but I always managed to enjoy myself and have a laugh every day. I still have a laugh and enjoy myself now, but not like I used to. There’s an action point for me. More on this later!

I think I’ll go out tonight. I usually go out just once a month nowadays and I went out last week, but feel like popping into town. I’d love to say paint it red, but my paint colour wouldn’t pass the trade’s description act. Going out will have to suffice. Still, I’ll enjoy it. I’ve got a bit of a problem though. My usual haunt has closed down for a refurbishment, so I’ll need to visit somewhere else. Decisions, decisions on a Friday night. Ah well, onward and upward.

Speaking of onward and upward, I’ve just got back into (I think) the first series of Smallville on the SyFy Channel. Didn’t see last night’s episode though as the Sky Plus thingy clashed between Smallville and Emmerdale, and Emmerdale won. That goes to show that things are meant to happen. I was meant to see Emmerdale yesterday. I’d actually thought I’ve seen all of the episodes of Smallville up until the last series, but obviously not. It’s always nice when you get to see something new!

So there’s a bit more about me. I told you there’d be more.

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