On one of the forums that I visit, one of the posters has reminded me that our ultimate goal is to be happy. The material things like houses, money, cars, and other possessions, are nice to have, but they are not really of any use if we are not happy. Having loads of friends is nice, but what use are we to them if we are un-happy and grumpy all of the time? ‘I want to be happy’; it’s not a strange thought, is it? It’s not some kind of ‘new-age’ thinking, or religious brain-washing. It’s not a way to take over the world with a radical movement. Nor is it a stretch of the imagination to actually achieve.  Happiness is just there. Free. For the taking. Screaming ‘have me!’  From now on, I’m going to help myself to great big loads of the stuff. OK, I’ve not yet got that great big house that I keep dreaming of – but I’m happy now, just the same. My job isn’t as rewarding, fun, enjoyable, thought-provoking or interesting as it could be, but all that aside, I’m happy. I’m even happier when I’m not at work! I don’t have the biggest circle of friends in the world, and those I do have I see once in a blue moon, so that gives me more time to be with Me, and make sure that I’m happy! All those years of bullying and tormenting I endured throughout school from teachers as well as pupils alike may have dented my perceptions of other people slightly, but that is no excuse not to be happy now. The fact that I was (and still am) rubbish at every sport on the planet does not give me the right not to be happy. No matter how hard I try to think of a reason why I shouldn’t be happy (and some reasons are VERY convincing) one word pops into my head just afterwards. That word is ‘and’. With a question mark after it. ‘And?’ Who would have thought it? One small word that is used over and over again, and generally isn’t noticed the vast majority of the time, is one of the fundamental key issues in the pursuit of happiness. Well, I’ll be. Happy.

Happy I was last night too. My regular haunt hadn’t closed last week as expected; it’s closing this week instead. So I got one last chance to sit in the same place where I have for the last three-plus years. I was asked if I would be going again tonight – I said I would, but now I don’t think I’ll bother – one, to save a little bit of money, and two, it’ll be open again soon with a new name and a new look. The place where I always sit may still be there.

For the rest of today, Happy Saturday, I’m planning on chillin’ out! Popping round to Mum and Dad’s this afternoon, watching Smallville and generally doing absolutely bugger-all! Not doing, just being. So today, I am living up to the trade description of the species – a human BEING. Can’t get much better than that.

Here’s a quote to finish with…

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive – Elbert Hubbard

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