High Noon

I remember a while back the UK’s skies were full of sand from the Sahara, and everywhere was cast in an eerie yellowish tint. The sand content in the air was so high we were able to look directly at the mid-day Sun without any kind of protection (which, obviously, should really never be done) Above is a photo of the Sun that I took that day… but even though I remember writing about it on the blog, I can’t seem to find when exactly that was. Perhaps if you were in the UK at that time you could refresh my memory?

Posted for Becky’s #timesquare (Link below)

Festive Limericks 2 Deck The Halls!

There was an old snowman named Frosty
Whose stature was less than lofty
He kept losing his nose
As the animals chose
This to eat and then to run off-ty

There is a young Angel named Hark
Who loves flying over the park
Though he loses his wings
When carollers sing
About Harold. He’s not a bright spark

One Christmas my True Love went mad
Which really isn’t that bad
But day after day
They sent all sorts my way
Too much? I’d say, just a tad!

There once lived a quiet young boy
Who asked for a particular toy
Which was quite a bummer
As he was a drummer
And his racket was oh such a joy

(Image from Pixabay)

Looking Ahead

‘Though the road is long
And the future bright
Sometimes the horizon
Is a daunting sight
Keep moving forwards
Through darkness and light
And witness the Universal
And wondrous might


Hélène has set another fabulous challenge… the link to Willow Poetry is above if you would like to see more. Thanks, Hélène.