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Epic Mythology: Firstborn


Pol’tnorn sat on his throne and laughed
Pol’ana gurgled as she lay on his lap
Pol’suzo smiled at her husband’s glee
His happiness clear for all to see

Their firstborn child brought Elderwoods light
Much needed in the perpetual night
Inflicted upon the Shadowfolk’s land
By both the gods’ and demons’ battled hands

In times gone by a battle raged
With Elderwoods taking centre stage
The demons rained down a fiery foam
The lands protected by the gods’ shielding dome

Pol’tnorn rarely thought of those bygone days
Serving his people and their shaded ways
And with Princess Pol’ana breaking the curse
He knew that they’d been through the worst

And remember, all previous parts are now included in my Storylines Menu, if you’d like to read the epic so far!

Experimenting with photos

I’ve finally figured out how to keep part of a photo colour, with the rest black and white.

I experimented, quickly, on two photos. The first, a fuzzy photo of Tufty:

It’s a bit rough around the edges… I was only experimenting to see if I could do it. But, I would go and choose a black and white duck which probably didn’t help matters! However, in the image above Tufty now appears sepia compared to the rest. It does need fine tuning a little.

The second photo was actually a picture of King Rabletop III, from my ‘A Long Long Time Ago’ story series:

I suppose I need to work out how to tone down the colours (although the colours on these images are quite vibrant anyway) and make the black and white appear lighter, but I think I have the basics covered.

Now onto the technical stuff! Maybe…