The Kaleidoscope Butterfly

Just another urban moth!

Is it me, or are things starting to get just a little bit surreal around here?

This is watercolour nineteen of nineteen for #WorldWatercolorMonth. I wonder what happened? I wonder where my inspiration went?  You see, sometimes I do wonder.

I’m aware that the new Bathroom is approaching. Next week in fact. Perhaps that has something to do with the rather strange reality we seem to be going through at the minute. Or maybe that’s just affecting me. It’s very odd.

That said, there may be watercolour free days coming up. You never know.

The Superhero Diaries 5.13: The Anagrama

Hoho! Hehe!

Greetings you Reused Upper Duds! That’s Super Duper Dudes to everyone else, but not to me! I’m the new guy in town, and I like having fun! Oh, how I’d like to mould your Clay Lard into a better shape (and yes, I am talking to you, Lycralad!) Oh now don’t take it personal… not like that Centrifugal Mini Me (or Muriel Magnificent) who takes everything to heart. Mind you, she has enough heart to go around, so it’s hardly saying anything.

Fit Rope himself can hardly speak either (Firetop) with that constant grinning expression – full of hot air he is. In fact, I think the expression is down to wind. And just look at his girlfriend. Part Girl Or part bird? Full bird? With a beak like that it’s hard to say! Hoho, Parrot Girl, I make no apologies.

I’d Wince if I saw your frosty frame approaching, Icewind. The thing is you are so petite it’s amazing you’d be seen at all. Drive on, Diver. Or swim. There’s no room for you here. And as for you, you Precluded Pronto Tot, you’re hardly going anywhere fast, Puddleton Protector.

It’s such a Drag, Relegation… wouldn’t you agree, Green Gladiator? No? Well, you’ll soon find out.

Lengthen Team Slat, hey? Stealth Gentleman… you’re never around anyway. You’re like Chilblains VII ‘Ere… or Invisible Charlie – always vanishing in an hour of need. Frightened are we?

Rid Vain, I would. Although one would hardly describe you as vain, Viridian. No wonder you keep most of your face covered. Hoho!

And you, you Hued Clot, what good is having weather-based powers anyway? Are we going to cry on someone and pretend it’s raining? Get an office job, The Cloud. Ha! You even have The in your name. How original.

Well hello, you piece of Cushy Spice, you. And you know who I’m talking to, Psychic Sue. What? No blushing? And I thought you were coy. No prize with you. Scoring Robs Mind anyway. Isn’t that right, Crimson Songbird? Or have you lost your mind again? Hehe!

Curses. Bettystretch, you have me foiled. But I shall get you.

I shall get all of you.

Are you paying attention? You Innate Tot. All of you in fact.

One by one.

Hoho! Hehe! You Ill Ewes! You will see!

The Anagrama.

By the way, you – no, I shall be nice. I have even created a Wanted poster for me, just so you know who you are looking for. That’s me. There. Not that you will ever catch me, hoho hehe! I have an uncanny ability to change things. See you around, solers!

Will you be my Valentine?

Now that I have your attention, I shall reveal the proper name of this watercolour… ‘Gnarled Heart’. As if I’d be asking any such question. Valentine’s? Me? Pah!

With the flash…

Without the flash…

This is probably the wettest wet on wet yet, by virtue of the fact that I too was wet as I painted it. I’ll explain. I nipped to the supermarket in the midst of a torrential downpour minus a coat and brolly, and needless to say, some of those little delightful, gorgeous, refreshing raindrops managed to land on me! Of all the things!

As you can see, my heart wasn’t gnarled or dark when I painted this. It was changed to the point of no return, as I started out with the intention of painting a wet bunch of roses which just didn’t work out, so I spritzed the paper again, and then dabbed off the excess, and was then inspired, in a mild but sinister way, by what remained.

Sometimes, with watercolour, you have no idea where you are going to end up.

I think I quite like this little sinister twist. Hmmm… I wonder if more dark inspiration is on the way? Worry not, though – you know me… always focussed on the light!

This now makes eighteen of eighteen for #WorldWatercolorMonth.