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Their Wabbits

Shabbier twit!

Bertha bit Wis.

Babe hit wrist.

Bear with bits.

White Rabbits!!!
Phew! Got there in the end… things are a little mixed up at the moment.

Enjoy April! I’m wabbitin’ off now…

(The next part of Reverence will be along very shortly!)

The Light Within

Hold on
To the light within
Allow it to shine
And to light the way
To provide warmth
And hope
To give guidance
And comfort
Hold on
To the light within

Space – There’s a lot of it! (4)

My name’s Alnold Kahh. For the first time in my entire life, I’m taking part in a rescue mission. The ship I’m travelling the Universe in, the Expansion, has come across a rather large debris field, and in one of the sectors it has detected faint life signs. The Expansion is too big to navigate through the debris, so I have to use one of the shuttleships to see who needs rescuing. After months of travelling through space alone – apart from the on-board computer Nebula, that is – actually meeting someone else is a bit daunting. I’ve no idea who I’m about to meet, what I’m about to see, or whether the people I’m rescuing actually want rescuing.

That’s person, Alnold. Now that we’re closer, I’m detecting one life sign. Male. The life signs are considerably weaker than they were on the Expansion. I am under the impression they would prefer to be rescued.

Thanks Nebula. Are you sure this protective amulet suit will work?

Is it not working now, Alnold? I’ve removed all of the atmosphere from the shuttleship, so inside here is exactly the same as it is out there. If you are breathing, and not boiling, it is working.

Come to think of it, Nebs, I think it’s working fine.

Good. I’m lowering the shuttleship now. You can see the triangular construct in the top left of the view screen. I cannot land the shuttleship any closer, so you will have to walk across the terrain to reach it. I’m sensing the life signs are within that construction.

Great. So I have to walk in outer space, wearing an untested space suit on a rescue mission.

There is only you here, Alnold. You will be fine. The shuttleship is now on the surface, so you may disembark.

Good landing, Nebs! Didn’t feel a thing.

I’ve reduced the power on the shuttleship. You may wish to continue recording your diary, if you like.

Thanks, Nebula. I think I will. My name’s Alnold Kahh-

Alnold, you really do not need to give your name at the beginning of each recording. Both you and I know who you are.

OK, Nebula. You’re a bit moody today. Anyway, I’m now walking across what looks like a moon’s surface. I know it really isn’t, but it’s all different levels, very dusty, and oops- just slipped there! – very dark. Nebula said there’s no atmosphere here, but there’s some kind of gravity; I don’t feel as though I’m about to drift off into outer space.

That’s the suit, Alnold. It provides gravity control so your feet will remain upon the surface.

It didn’t help when I slipped back then, Nebs.

It provides gravity, Alnold, not balance.

I don’t know what’s up with you today, Nebula, you aren’t normally tetchy. Right. I’m at the triang – it’s a ship, Nebs. A pyramid shaped ship. Badly damaged. There’s an opening on this face, I think the door has been blown outwards by the look of it.

Alnold, your suit is now picking up the occupant’s life signals. They are on the far side of the ship from the door. You should find them with ease.

Well, that’s easy for you to say, Nebs. It’s darker than night out here. But, I’m going in!

So the rescue mission is under way! Will Alnold succeed? Will time run out?

Find out in the next instalment!

Nova Luna

The light streamed in through the tear in the curtain.

Sam opened his left eye with a squint as the brightness touched his face. He turned his head slightly and opened both eyes.

“Time to get up…!” he declared. He leaped out of bed and opened the curtains fully, flooding the bedroom with the bright morning sunlight.

The mornings on Nova Luna were his favourite time of day. The waves on Lake Plenty bobbed gently, and the distant Salaara Hills appeared turquoise in the shade.

The holoscreen went blank.

“Pity mornings don’t last longer!” He moaned, heading to get showered.

Coming up on Beyond the Sphere!

I’m going to be rather creative over the next few weeks.

Well, that’s the ambitious plan, anyway! I’m going to be continuing my series set in the far reaches of space (Space – There’s a lot of it!), where I’ll be first creating the images based on the characters and then working that image into the storyline. I’ve done a few images already, I just need to get writing there as well!

I’ve also started another series featuring Reverence, the first part was posted earlier today in actual fact! This is set in the late Fifth Century, and I’ll be ‘borrowing’ a few characters from legends of history for cameo roles. The characters themselves may not have been from that time period, but in this story they were all around at that time. I’m also using this story to practice writing in accents, which is a little challenging but fun none the less. Hopefully, the meaning of the sentence comes through, even if the words themselves make no sense whatsoever. We shall see.

I have another series of The Superhero Diaries in the works, although I won’t be posting that on this blog. I’ll be using one of my other blogs so the story is still ‘out there’ even if nobody visits the site. I got the impression it wasn’t well-liked here on this blog, but the characters demand I write their story so it has to be published somewhere!

I’ll be continuing with my landscape creations, and rhymes based upon them. Here I’ll be popping into realms within my imagination to see where those journeys take me.

The Mansion is calling! It needs further exploration, so there will be the odd post or two about the Rooms within Rooms and other places I come across. And there have also been a few more visitors knocking at the door, all caught on that nifty security door camera. I shall get those written up shortly as well.

I’m planning on writing a follow-up story to my Legendary Circles storyline from a few years ago. I’m not sure yet whether all of the characters will be in this new version, or if it will feature a whole new batch. Time will tell.

I’m also planning on writing a gothic themed comedy series, based on some of the characters from Mystic Springs (we visit there from time to time on the blog, but it has been a while!)

I also want to write a series of short one-hundred-word stories, that actually have a beginning a middle and an end. I never managed to get all three in my previous attempts, so I wonder if I’ll manage it now.

Becky’s Squares challenge is back next month, and I want to take part in that again. I know I won’t be able to post every day, but I’ll give it a ‘top shot’! (‘Top’ is Becky’s theme this time, by the way!)

And interspersed within all that, I want to post my random rambling posts, start my Letters to the Universe again, hopefully provide a bit of Feel Good fun, and just make the most of this creative time I’ve – or rather we’ve found ourselves in!

And, I want to create more content for Splodge and Splatter as well. And comment more. And reply to comments earlier.

Not much really.

Will I succeed? Time will tell! <- Finally! Six words!!!