Nefertiti’s Table

For today’s painting, I travelled all the way back to 1355BC  and managed to paint this quick watercolour of a mid-afternoon snack before Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti (I was in luck as she’d just popped to the shops with her consort Pharaoh Akhenaten) returned to eat it.

It was warm in that Ancient Egyptian Sun, I don’t mind telling you (almost as warm as it has been around here lately!), but things must be done in order to complete all of my paintings, if I can, for #WorldWatercolorMonth. This now makes 15 of 15, so I’m doing well.

I may stay in the 21st Century for my next painting, but I can’t seem to stay still for long!

And to celebrate the rain: Sunflowers!

Another wet on wet on wet on wet on wet on wet watercolour – that is now fourteen of fourteen for #WorldWatercolorMonth. (Oh, and by the way, that was six wets there – well, it is Saturday!)

This took slightly longer than ten minutes to do, but nowhere near an hour. Yes, person at the back there, I know that it looks like it, but that is the look I was going for, thank you very much! And it was done in my practice pad, which isn’t really cut out for wet on wet stuff, but I like to live dangerously at times. At one point, the paper was so curled it was as though I was painting on a… on a… erm… a… a damp piece of rolled up paper, but I stuck to it. And finished it. It is finished, person at the back there.

Wet paint on wet paper, followed by a slight mist of more water followed by another dabbing of wet paint caused the random haphazard mess fiasco subtle blending of colours I present to you here. And I’m not even bothered about the green, before you go there. Just sayin’!

We’ve had a day full of fabulous rain on Friday, it was glorious, but I still like to celebrate the Sun, so that was the inspiration behind this. Obviously, I paint a day in advance, so it was Friday when this was created. It was Friday evening when the photo was taken, in the dark with the flash on whilst the paint was still wet to get the desired look above I was aiming for. I do have madness in my methods, and use it a great deal of the time. You may or may not have noticed. It’s only subtle.

A wet post for Six Word Saturday




And I’ve been dancing in it!

Well, it rained for about five minutes this morning whilst I was driving, but I was still dancing in the car… thus in the rain! I soon had to stop, however, as when I switched on my windscreen wipers, the windscreen was smeared and caked in a thick, gloopy, muddy layer. A quick windscreen-swill later, and my vision was restored; although the rain was gone.

A grey day remained – which was fabulous! I’m not too keen on it being too hot.

Today’s watercolour, my thirteenth, took less than ten minutes to do. What do you mean ‘I can tell!’? I’ll have you know that this is a wet on wet painting, so it had to be quick. I pretended to be painting it in the rain, and one wouldn’t really want to be doing that for long, would one? I also allowed the paint to do what it wanted, after I’d given it a gentle push.

It does have a wet look, which I quite like, and I also like the reflections (I think I like painting reflections – I wonder if there’s a meaning in that somewhere?) but it is also intended to have an abstract feel to it. Well, it has to have, really, hasn’t it?

Not all watercolours need to be scenes though, so 13/13 for #WorldWatercolorMonth is a view of something through the rain.

The Superhero Diaries 5.12: Invisible Help Part 3

Concluding the multi-part epic tale from the Superhero Diaries. Previous parts can be found in the Storylines menu, click here.

Sue’s in room 12, Viridian. I was about to go in and check on her earlier when a strong urge told me not to.

That was a wise decision, my friend, even if it was not of your calling. Psychic Sue is currently reaching out psychically on all channels. Had you entered the room, whatever helping hand is guiding us would have been unable to protect you in there. They are bonding with my mind now as I speak, before I enter the room. Together, we shall be able to reach deep within Sue’s mind. Once I enter the room, you must find something to barricade the door for your own protection.

Understood, Viridian. I think. But the door opens inwards.

Just do it, Charlie. You must be able to hear the voice as clearly as I.

Yes. Now that you’ve said that, I can. Do your very best, Viridian.

I shall, my friend. Now, I enter the room.

OK. What can I use as a barricade? I know. The shelving unit in reception. That’s high enough, and heavy enough to cover the door. I should be able to… wait. How am I supposed to move it? It’s a heavy steel structure. Will I have the strength to move it on my own?

Only one way to find out. I’d better leave this flap open, so I can get the shelves through. But no! There isn’t enough room to push the shelves through and turn them round to get them up to the corridor. I need to look for something else. What can I use? A chair will be no good. It has to be the shelves.

Damn it! Huh? My hand passed through the counter when I punched it. I can feel the papers on the shelf behind. I wonder if I can pull them through the wood. This is weird. I’ve never had this ability before, but yes – I’ve pulled the paper through. I just need to try to push the shelves through now as well. If I can. Ugh. As I thought. They are too heavy. But wait. If my hand went through the counter I wonder if I have my invisible powers back. I do! And I’ve made the shelves invisible as well. This is so cool.

I need to use all my strength to push these shelves through the counter, and then I can get them up the corridor. Here goes. Heave! They’re beginning to move. Keep on. Keep on. Push! Push! This is like giving birth – no! Concentrate, Charlie! Push! It’s working! It’s moving and passing through the counter! I’m loving this! I’m actually doing it!

There. The whole unit is now through the counter, and I need to turn it so I can get it through the door and along the corridor. I hadn’t realised before, but the unit is too high for the door so it wouldn’t have gone through – well, not without these new abilities of mine.

OK. Here we go, through the wall above the door. It is like a hot knife through butter! It is working fine.

Invisible Charlie.

Huh? Viridian? And who’s this?

It is done, Charlie. Psychic Sue is now settled. Did you not realise once your powers had been restored?

Erm. Nope. I seem to have developed a new ability and was so caught up in myself I hadn’t noticed to be honest.

This is an Olympian Goddess. Her name is Hera, and she has been helping us in our times of need. She doesn’t help directly, as we have to make our own decisions and choices and have free will to do things rightly or wrongly, but if needed she will provide little prompts and suggestions here and there. This time, however, she needed to intervene because this challenge was far too great for us.

Pleased to meet you, Hera. Do I need to bow or anything?

No, my child. I am pleased to finally be able to reveal myself to you, and help. And give out several new abilities as well, as you have discovered. I have heard the doubt in your thoughts, and you really have no need to doubt.

You read my thoughts?

I do not judge, Invisible Charlie. As neither do you.

Ah OK. Thank you, your highness.

Hera is fine, my child.

Erm, Hera then.

I must return to Olympus now that my task here is complete. You will have a lot of explaining to do, to a lot of your colleagues, and one unexpected helper, the Dropped Apostrophe. Farewell, my friends. Hopefully the next time I assist will be in calmer times.

Wait – the rest of the world? What’s happening there? There will be mass panic and confusion.

The main problems were contained within a hundred mile radius, structurally. Psychically, it was a little further afield, I’m sorry to say, but my Olympian friends are working on ways to make it all seem like a mass dream to those affected. We stopped your pleas for help from leaving this complex, so the problem was more contained than you first thought.

But the news? The Dropped Apostrophe received my message?

The local news my child. The feed did not spread further than the hundred mile area, a malfunction in the broadcasting capabilities prevented it from doing so. As for the Dropped Apostrophe, let me just say he had a gentle nudge as he began raiding the empty shops. And, as I said, you will have a lot of explaining to do. Once again, I bid you farewell.

A Goddess, Viridian. Can you believe we have been working with a Goddess?

You find it hard to believe, my friend, yet you are discussing this with a visitor from a distant planet. The Universe is full of many wonders, and it likes to surprise every once in a while.

Now that you put it that way, it’s just another day’s work, I suppose. There’s no point making a mountain out of a mole hill. I’ve done that a few times today already. OK. Let’s get to work bringing our colleagues up to the medical centre, so they can rest. Hopefully Bettystretch has brought herself back now, she’s in the alley at the back of the building, so I’ll go and get her. I don’t know what we will do about all of the shredded structures all over the place though… but, a little voice has just told me to have faith. I can live with that.

Normality returns for the Superheroes next week. Or does it?

On a Different Track

Watercolour twelve of twelve for #WorldWatercolorMonth takes us on a journey through the woods, perhaps. Or maybe an overgrown forest. Or we could be finding our way out of the jungle, along some rickety old railway tracks.

This creation took just over an hour to complete, but because there are so many light and dark spots all over, I can see areas that need tweaking slightly. But, I’m happy with it as it is, so that’s all good! And a bit of greenery always helps!