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Let’s see where this ends up


The art of rambling incessantly about something or other in a meaningless or drivelful way. To prate on about nothing, in depth. Hardly a barn burner for discussion, yet a bingle of words that hardly divagate, even for a fugacious moment.

Might I be a hodiernal hoddy-noddy? Hunting-and-pecking out a post, hardly luculent in detail, and more of a lollygag for a Saturday post.

Still, an ogdoad and half again of unnecessary words on the subject.

I never thought I’d get here.


Words used in this post:

Drivelful – made up (I mean it’s a made up word, it doesn’t mean made up)
Prate – talk foolishly
Barn burner – a very exciting or dramatic event
Bingle – a collision
Divagate – to stray or digress
Fugacious – transient or fleeting
Hoddy-noddy – a foolish person
Hodiernal – of today
Hunting-and-pecking (Hunt-and-peck) – typing with two fingers
Luculent – clearly expressed
Lollygag – spend time in an aimless or lazy way
Ogdoad – set of eight


A wordy Six Word Saturday post.

Six Word Saturday

I must now take a nap.


Owing to last week’s sudden heatwave, the bluebells are now starting to show. Spiky leaves have suddenly exploded onto the scene, adding more greenery to behold.

Posted for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge. Link below:

Another Spiky Critter

I’ve colour-popped this image which has made the spikes glow.

Above is the un-colour-popped version, or original as is otherwise known.

Either way, the spiky exterior on this little chap/chappess appears very menacing indeed.

This is another post in response to Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge. Link below: