Aim to be a part of life, not an observer!

Sometimes, I really enjoy my own company. I love to spend time by myself, reading, doodling, hitting my keyboard to ‘write’ something for this blog or just to lie down and think.

Other times, I like being in other people’s company, and share jokes, stories and time with them.

Occasionally, I like to sit on a bench in a crowded street or shopping centre and just ‘people watch’. I can make up plenty of stories for the events that I think I see as the world is passing me by.

On the odd occasion, something happens and whoever is around me, whether they be friends, relatives or complete strangers, we are all caught up in that moment – in that one experience – and we are all part of the same thing. That feeling of connection is a great feeling.  I’ve not had that many of these experiences, I’m sorry to say, but I’m hoping to experience many of them in the not too distant future. And if they don’t come to me, well, I’ll have to see about bringing my own great connection moment to the world. How hard can it be?

The reason I’m writing about this is due to the video I have posted on my new ‘Feel Good!’ page on the blog. The video features an out of the ordinary day at Heathrow Airport earlier this year. The video itself is actually for a series of commercials for one of the mobile telephone companies (other mobile telephone companies are available!) but the reaction of some of the people who were present is amazing. They would have felt that great connection feeling when they realised what was going on. I felt it just watching the video, strange as it sounds!

I will add other ‘feel good’ videos (etc) when I find them.

Visiting hours

My Dad is currently in hospital, being prodded, x-rayed, poked, analysed, questioned and tested for various things. He was taken in on Tuesday with a problem with his leg, which seems to have been looked into today, but as I’m not a doctor – or any kind of medical person for that matter – they must know what they are doing. My Dad is fine in himself, so I asked him to pretend he was on a little holiday while he was in hospital, and just lie back and take things nice and easy, and let the other people take care of him.

I’ve been taking my Mum and brother to visit him all this week, hence the short microblogs I’ve been managing to squeeze in, in between driving and sleeping, trying to keep things as close to normal as possible. Bit concerned about visiting the hospital with my cold, but as colds go, it isn’t that bad. We also managed to get the visiting times completely wrong, thinking they were 7 until 9, when they were 6.30 until 8. My Mum wondered why the Sister was glaring at her at 8.30 the other night, but then realised the error when another nurse came around ringing a bell advising all visitors it was time to go.

The people who work on the wards are very hard working. Not only do they have to do their jobs, they have to deal with demanding patients and demanding relatives. They have to give answers without actually giving anything away, yet they always seem calm, under even the most stressful of conditions. I do not think I could do their job, so I raise my hat to all of the people who are carrying out their jobs looking after other people – and I am also grateful that they do what they do.

Can you imagine any other business having visiting hours? One hour in the afternoon and one in the evening where relatives and friends can come in and sit around and chat, while everyone else has to get on with their job? I can’t see it being very easy. I’m not all that keen if someone from another department calls into the office where I work to sit with one of my colleagues for something, and those visits only last for around ten minutes.

But, looking at the work all of these doctors, nurses, orderlies, and others have to do make my job seem even less important, and, in the same token, my complaining about my job trivial. But, having said that, I’ll always find something to have a little moan about at work… just at the moment it isn’t that important at all.

One sentence…

I need one sentence to describe myself.

One sentence that describes everything I have done well, and everything I will do well. Everything I didn’t do well, and everything I won’t do well in the future. Every dream I have had, everything I have created, everything I have learned. Every memory I have. Every experience I have gone through. Every day I have lived. Every cloud I have witnessed a silver lining in. Every miracle I have been aware of. Every magical moment I have been involved with. Every place I have visited, and every place I have yet to go to. Every tear I’ve shed through laughter and sadness, every emotion I have felt. Every smile. Every pain. Every haircut! Everyone I have loved. Every book I have read. Every piece of music I have listened to. Every painting I have admired. Every essence of my reality. Every atom of my existence. Every vibration of my being.

One sentence that will include every minute and trivial piece of information that is unique to me. One sentence that keeps me separate from everyone else on the planet, yet also keeps me connected. One sentence that succinctly sums me up.

I’ve got that sentence now…

I am me.

That’s me in a nutshell!

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This is no ordinary well. This is a great well! It is overflowing with whatever you really want. You can only access this well from inside, however, but once you tap into the well, you are, well… well!

Be well!

Feel well!

Do well!

Share your well! Have fun! Enjoy yourself! Feel good!

Just words?

I’ve woke up this morning with one word in my mind. Tranquility. How random is that?

Looking at my closed curtains, the sunlight beyond looks like a gloriously creamy yellow colour (that might have something to do with the curtains themselves, but I’ll go with the sunlight!). I know that it won’t be particularly warm outside, due to the time of the year, but without opening the curtains I can pretend that it is warm, and the middle of summer. And not that I need to be in the middle of summer to feel tranquil. I’m doing that right now.

Tranquility is one of those words that sums up just what it is. In my opinion, it is more than just a word, because it conjures up peaceful, thoughtful and relaxing feelings (which all feel good!) while at the same time I’m magically transported to my mystical place of peace and tranquility and whenever I go there I can allow my imagination to run free. I feel calmer. I feel creative. And I love the view!

Other words that mean more to me than just the word itself include ‘happiness’, ‘positivity’, ‘universe’, and ‘feel good’. There’s loads of them that invoke specific feelings and ‘special places’ within me, and I always try to include at least one of them in whatever I am talking or writing about. Especially in this blog, as it is basically all about me and ways I can help myself (and hopefully others too, if they’d like some help that is!) to feel good – or to feel better.

Sometimes, I think we may be feeling good, but not using the correct words in our general conversations, and that causes a kind of imbalance in ourselves. Maybe not a noticeable change, at first, but the more we use these ‘incorrect’ or not-so-positive words, the more we begin to notice them, and then start to feel them, and then the positivity is eventually replaced with more negative feelings.

Negative feelings themselves are good – if used as an indicator that something needs improving or changing to get us back to the much easier and far better positive feelings. It’s easy to think this way when you see negative thoughts and emotions as being heavy and in a dark place – because they are! Positive thoughts and emotions feel much lighter (in two meanings of the word)… and that analogy in itself adds great power to the phrase ‘Lighten up!’

Another thing about the great power of words I heard about a couple of years ago involved Dr Masaru Emoto,  and his experiment to expose water to words (and music and pictures) and photographing the frozen water crystals. The crystals have a different shape depending which word they had been exposed to – some had beautiful symmetric patterns and others were the complete opposite, breaking apart in fact. Just thinking of that highlights the power of words.

I’ve mentioned the fact that the human body is mostly water in my past posts about the Moon, and how the phases of the Moon affect us, but words also have an effect on us too, now in more ways than one!

I don’t mean to over-analyze anything, which is something I tend to do quite a lot, but I do like to feel good. And finding even the smallest way to make me feel better, something that doesn’t take a lot of work, yet has the same effect as say visiting the ocean or countryside, has got to be worth exploring.

Not only do I like to feel good… I love to feel fantastic! There’s power in them words!!!