Other people’s thoughts

I love thoughts. I love ideas. I love inspiration.

I love reading other blogs because they include other people’s thoughts. They make me think. They give me ideas… and inspiration. I have lots of blogs listed in my recommendations page that I frequently visit, to have a little insight into the minds and the worlds of the people who write them. I have other blogs stored in my bookmarks, which I visit whenever I get the chance, again for the same reasons. And I have books, websites and other sources to be able to fill my mind with the thoughts and ideas that other people have been willing to share.

I like thinking about thoughts. The disconnected, faraway ‘what if’ notions that crop up in times of boredom… the shocking, frightening thoughts that fill me with dread when I’m walking down a dark alleyway in the early hours of the morning all alone and there are noises around me… the silly, happy thoughts about pink elephants, green skies and watermelon shoes… the naughty, adult thoughts when seeing someone that makes me say “Ooh, Hello!”… the desperate, stressed thoughts when trying to race against the clock and being stuck at a red traffic light… the imaginary, heroic thoughts when I’m rescuing the world… the confused, blank thoughts when trying to answer TV quiz show general knowledge questions… and the random, bizarre thoughts about isosceles triangles and yogurt. Yes, I’ve thought about every one of them at some time in my life… and others as well. I’ve been around for a while, and to while away the time, I think.

I’ve been thinking lately about other people’s thoughts. Not the type of thoughts included in my paragraph above, although I’m sure other people would have had those thoughts too, but how the world would be if we could ‘hear’ other people’s thoughts. At first, I thought it would be a great idea. But I started to have second thoughts…

  • We’d know instantly if someone didn’t like us, so we’d stay clear. (Well, if they don’t like us there is no point trying to get them to change their mind, is there? They can change their mind at any time they want to – and like us – but they would have to work on that one. They’d probably like us even less if we tried to get them to change their mind. I’m all for free will)
  • We’d know instantly if someone liked us. As in really liked us. As in “Ooh, Hello!”. We’d be flattered at first, but imagine it all of the time, day in day out. I’d probably be screaming “Make them stop!” after the first half an hour or so.
  • We’d know instantly if someone was going to act dishonestly towards us. This in itself sounds like a good reason to be able to hear other people’s thoughts, but this is where the confusion really begins. Well, we can all hear each other’s thoughts. Why would someone let us know that they were going to act dishonestly? What’s going on? What is their real intention? No, I don’t like this one…
  • We’d be one step ahead of the Joneses. Or they’d be one step ahead of us. Or we’d all be one step ahead of each other. This is a classic case of a thought paradox. We’d be racing ahead and playing catch up at the same time. Too confusing.
  • Poker players would find what they do quite difficult. I don’t know anything about poker, but I believe a certain amount of bluffing is involved. You can’t bluff when everyone can see what you are seeing.

I read somewhere once that other people’s thoughts are nobody else’s business. Which, after thinking about the downfalls of being able to hear other people’s thoughts, I feel is a very valid statement. I think in the same book it said that if someone tells you that they think you are fat, or ugly, or stunning, or the most fantastic person they have ever met, or wear the most horrendous watermelons, you don’t need to accept it. They are telling you about their thoughts, which really are none of your business. (And the book didn’t mention watermelons. When I find the book, I’ll edit this post with it’s and the author’s name).

I think that the important thing about thoughts is that they are our own. We can share them, keep them secret, dream about them, or act on them however we wish to. We can talk about them, but with the understanding that we are telling people our own private business, and it is up to them how they think about it.

I like this blog because I can write about my thoughts. I like it because people can pop along and read about my thoughts. Some comment and share their thoughts with me. And I like hearing their thoughts in these cases, because they are thoughts that they are willing to share.

My thoughts are very random and haphazard, which I think is very evident in the blog. Changeable. I like changeable. I’ve called the blog Me! Me! Me me me! really because it’s all about me… I think! It’s a journey through my thoughts. I think it is also nice to bring in other people’s thoughts every now and then. We’re all in it together then!


February 16th – a historical re-write

A quiz question appeared on TV today asking which famous person was born in the year that Galileo died. Isaac Newton was the answer, and the year was 1642. I’ve waffled on many a time about the year 1642, and every now and then something comes along that reminds me of the year. Or completely confuses me for that matter too.

At the time of Isaac Newton’s birth, two calendars were in use. The old one, and the new one. The old one, or ‘Julian’ calendar had Isaac Newton’s birthday as 25th December 1642. The new calendar, or ‘Gregorian’ calendar, had him born on 4th January 1643. And until the Gregorian calendar was adopted in the UK in 1752, the New Year began on March 25th. It must have been a very confusing time in those days with the two calendars… everyone would have needed to check the calendar when checking their diaries to make sure they had their appointment on the correct day. It’s a good thing Isaac Newton was born in that year (give or take) to start to sort things out. In a round about way. And, come to think of it, if New Years was in March in the Julian calendar, would the 4th January alternative birthday of Isaac still be classed in 1642 at the time? Time and space relativity become very confusing when different calendars get involved – especially with only a few days difference. It makes you ask the question why did they bother? Mind you, I suppose it’s like the times when a new twenty pound note is introduced into circulation and is used at the same time as the old version of the note, until the old one is withdrawn. They’re both in use and everyone knows which one they are using.

On 16th February 1643 the last major battle of the First English Civil War took place in Devon. Called the Battle of Torrington, I doubt Isaac Newton remembered it.

As today is February 16th, I have done a little search into the town of Torrington. Or Great Torrington as it is known today. The story of “Tarka the Otter” was written by Henry Williamson there in the 1920s. Not that I’ve read the story, I’m sorry to say, but I have heard of it… more so than the battle – but this goes to show how the most unlikeliest of things can be connected. Isaac Newton and Tarka the Otter… who would have thought it?

The thing I like doing is finding connections between seemingly unconnected events, times, things, people, etcetera. It’s all a bit like the Six Degrees of Separation, where we are all supposedly connected to each other by the ‘human web’, where through a friend of a friend we are six steps away from each other. Whether this six-step connection stems through the passing of time, I don’t know – although it seems unlikely – but connections are always there to be found.

And here’s something that may possibly be true… Aquatom1642 was born on February 16th. Could this be why this date sprang out at me when the question was asked in the TV quiz I was watching earlier? Well, it’s a good a reason as any, I suppose. I have a link to the year 1642. I’ll need to do some more digging to find out why, but I’m getting connections. More and more connections. Maybe I’m six steps away from finding out the answer…

Aquatom1968 to the rescue… again… and again… and again!

Being part of the super-hero community isn’t all glitz and glamour, you know. As well as throwing out the rubbish, cleaning and tidying up the top secret headquarters beneath Aquatom Mansion, doing it all again in Aquatom Mansion, leading my double-life in work and other social situations (taking great care not to reveal the real me), and now having a Second Life persona as well, things tend to get a little hectic. How many people do you know who have a double life and a second life at the same time? Not that I’ve actually been to Second Life for a few days, but it’s still there – and I’m probably still there on that rooftop too! And as well as doing all that, I have to make sure that I look good.

No, it isn’t easy always looking good. It is something I manage to pull off easily, even if I do say so myself. Usually I have to. Say it, that is, not look it. It’s the hair, you see. It needs cutting. Pruning. Molding into shape. It does look good when I style it – I hasten to add – but any major change in circumstance, such as walking through a door, or sneezing, and the hair bear bunch look returns. And there is no way you can hold a secret identity for long when your hair looks like that. I remember being in school once, in a science lesson, and we had to put our hands on these brass-like ball things which carried electricity through them (I can’t think of the name right now, and don’t want to look it up – it isn’t that important!) and it made everyone’s hair stand on end. Mine does that without the electricity in a gently breeze…

I think of the energy that is flowing through me and my hair when it is like that. As I try to be positive and feel good most of the time, I like to think that positive energy is leaving my body, and being absorbed into the world around me. I’m trying to be a positive generator, but maybe sometimes I’m passing on a little too much feel good energy and not leaving enough for myself. Which is why I feel tired, develop spots, then get colds, then sneezes, and then bad hair. See – everything turns full circle again!

Now, coincidentally, here is another example of things turning full circle. A letter was delivered to my parents’ home, their address was on the envelope but not their name. A bold message across the top of the letter said “DO NOT REDIRECT! RETURN TO SENDER”. Being the helpful citizen that I am, I wrote onto the envelope the very useful, and friendly words “Not at this address” and popped it back into the post box. A few days later, a second letter arrived, addressed to the same person. The return address was the same on the reverse, as was the style of the envelope. The same message was also blazoned across the top. Again, I wrote the same as before, and returned it. A few days passed, and yet another letter was received. Exactly the same. I wrote on this envelope, in equally bold capital letters “NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!” and returned it. And today, yet another letter has been received. I’m starting to get the feeling that the people either do not believe me that this person does not live there, or are incredibly stupid. Harsh, I know. On today’s envelope, I wrote “NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS! THIS IS THE FOURTH LETTER RETURNED!” Somehow, I don’t think this message will get through. Only time will tell. If another one is received, I may just pull my hair out – which is something I really do not want to do. What is annoying is the return address is a postal box, so we can’t phone them to tell the – sorry, ask them nicely – to stop (*)… but somebody must read returned mail envelopes, surely to goodness?!?! I can see this company becoming my arch enemy if they carry on. I don’t do arch enemies.

Other spandex-clad super-heroes get themselves involved in other-worldly, parallel-dimensional and intriguing cases and mysteries. I get caught up in a groundhog day style postal problem. But, in true groundhog day style, I deal with it slightly differently every time. Just doing it feels good, so I can’t complain.

I’m thinking about the next time a letter arrives, and what messages I can write on the envelope. I may go for poetry. I may draw a picture to highlight the name is wrong. I may stick cut out letters from a newspaper to get the message across.

(*) What is really frustrating is the cost of each pointless delivery has to be met by someone. The PO box belongs to the finance department of the local council. We tried to call the council to ask them to stop sending the letters, but all they could ask was ‘what does the letter say?’ You don’t open mail that is addressed to someone else, do you? You return to sender, as they ask. And they send it back. Again… and again… and again!

Slightly out of sync

Hmmm. Weird kind of day.

Not weird as in green skies, pink elephants and people wearing watermelons on their feet… but weird. Slightly odd. Missing the mark a tad. That kind of weird.

Woke up this morning (well, not that you could call it waking up, as I don’t think I slept last night. If I did it was for an hour… possibly the hour before I woke up) and I had a slight headache.

I think I’m still coming down with a cold or something. The spots have gone, so that’s good. The stiff neck is still there, and I am REALLY feeling the cold. And it has gone seriously cold this evening. Brrr. I’m feeling it.

Anyway, back to this morning. Woke up with a headache, filled my bath and started to get myself ready for work. Had  a strange shimmering white light around my vision just after my bath, which I put down to seeing the reflection of my eco-friendly lightbulb in the bathroom mirror. The light had been diffused (if that’s the correct word to use… I’m cold and my brain isn’t working as well as it usually does…), and the blue colour was very clear at the bottom. The red was also visible at the top, but not as clear. And the white light in the middle was bright. Very bright. Probably my own fault for looking at it – which I didn’t do on purpose the first time I looked.

I managed to do my ironing with one eye, and dressed myself equally well with the same eye. I then went to work, and worked really hard. Me… working really hard. Something is out of sync here. The computer program was meant to be using Friday’s dates, but it was deciding that Thursday’s were better. So it wasn’t working right, and I had to see if I could work out why. I’m not a computer programmer, so I couldn’t. I just had to report that it was using the wrong date. Which it was, so that was a very accurate description, if I say so myself. Not in-depth, but accurate.

Headache lingered all day, over the left eye. The eye with the bright white light in was the right one, and this disappeared after twenty minutes or so this morning. The headache became stronger as I bent down for things, but went away when I stood up again. Apart from that, I felt fine.

For some reason, the girls in the office kept receiving flowers, cards and balloons. They must all have the same birthday is all I can think of (I’m not mentioning the other thing – bah humbug). The girls who didn’t receive any flowers, cards or balloons looked a little put out. And sounded it on the occasions when I heard them making hushed comments to other colleagues. I knew there’d be trouble.

Printer – out of paper. Pen – out of ink. All sorted, and then more work, until home time. The time went by quickly. It’s quite good, this being busy. I may try it again tomorrow.

Luckily, the headache is going now. And so’s the neck ache. And the back ache. Oh, the back ache came on with the cold. Which is why I think I’m coming down with a cold.

I’m off to bed now, with a lovely cold remedy, to sleep. And when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be fully connected with the real world again. Unless the sky is green, I see pink elephants, and drive to work in my comfortable watermelons. In which case, I will turn back, return home, and go straight back to bed.

Valentine’s weekend (3)

Random Valentines

Well, Valentine’s Day is nearly here. All the shopping is done and the gifts are wrapped. Hang on, I’m thinking about Christmas there – please ignore that last sentence. I haven’t got any gifts for Valentine’s Day. Or cards. To send or receive. And I know for a fact that I won’t receive any tomorrow. I’m not complaining when I say that either… I really do not want to receive any. I don’t mind not receiving anything, but I have had to write it that many times to get the point across, it sounds as though I do mind. Which I don’t.

Anyway, moving on…

I watched the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’ today, by pure coincidence as I didn’t know that it was on TV. Something ‘Valentiny’ was bound to be broadcast somewhere, but this was on. And I actually enjoyed it, it was very good. The story revolves around couples and single people, and their intertwining lives on Valentine’s Day. There are a few twists and turns during the story, and a few nice surprises along the way too. It’s a very watchable movie, and the way how all of the characters’ individual stories overlap is very cleverly written. It also has an all-star cast as well, including Taylors Lautner and Swift, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Kathy Bates, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey and lots of other familiar faces. I’m not very experienced or good at writing movie reviews, and after watching a movie I either classify it as good or bad. ‘Valentine’s Day’ is most definitely in the good category. So I would recommend it.

I was trying to find a poem to use in this post which summed up my two previous posts very succinctly, but I couldn’t find any. I have read quite a few good poems, however, at www.poemsource.com which cover a whole range of topics, so if you are looking for a certain poem try there. That was a public service announcement. The following poem is not from their site, and is something I have thrown together…

Valentines is nearly here
Oh whoopee, let’s all cheer!
A card, I wonder, will I get?
Or roses, chocolates or better yet
Champagne to sip and make me happy.
More likely nothing but I won’t feel crappy
It’s just a day like any other
And I’ve got me… do I need a lover?
A wife? A husband? A special friend?
I’ll meet someone in the end.
But for now I have my space,
My nice and comfy special place.
I can do my own thing at any time
And no need to worry about Valentines.

It’s a bit bleak on the Valentine front, I’ll admit, but it celebrates freedom and independence. It also starts and ends with the word ‘Valentines’ which wasn’t planned but looks good…

And that completes my mini run on Valentine’s Weekend. Whatever you are doing on Valentine’s Day, enjoy it. Enjoy your card(s) if you get one. Enjoy your strawberries if you eat some. Enjoy your champagne if you drink some. Enjoy your day whatever you do if, like me, you aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day. There are lots of other things to be doing on a Monday!