To you…

This is personal.

I’m sorry about that.

This is the only way I can communicate with you.

I’m sorry about that, too.

I see you walking, I don’t know if you notice. You brighten the dullest of mornings as you walk along the pavement. I can’t speak to you as we pass each other, I don’t think that you even notice me going by. The way you walk, casually and confidently, with your destination firmly in your sight, I don’t think you would notice anyone around you.

But if you do, I really am sorry.

I should really stop and offer you a lift.


Ambience is my word of the day for today.

The way how it flows when you say it is relaxing enough, but when you put it into perspective with a nice, calm relaxing environment, with soft and gentle music in the background, ambience seems to up it’s gear quite a lot in the relaxation stakes!

Not that ambience in itself can be relaxing… oh no! Ambience relates to the tone, the atmosphere, the mood, the lighting and the presence of the current location.

Sometimes, the ambience can be electrifying, or exciting, or frightening, or energetic, or even strange.

I like a good ambience, I have to say. I like to feel good.

I’m sitting in my favourite armchair with a soft breeze coming in through the window that is slightly open. The day outside is hazy, but bright, and the brook is babbling by just beneath the window. A fresh scent of flowers is also in the air, and the lighting in the room appears, if I may say, quite ‘dreamy’. Relaxed.

I gently wake up. There is no open window. No breeze. No babbling brook. No scent of flowers. No haze. But the ambience is still there.

This is what I like… the idea of a nice ambience.

1642–The facts keep on coming!

I’m indulging in a little time travel this evening, trying to see if I can find any further information that will answer once and for all what it is that links me to the year 1642. I’ve discovered some quite extraordinary facts about the year 1642. Well, maybe not that extraordinary when you think that it was the time of great new discoveries, but interesting, nevertheless.

The good thing about time travel is that things do not need to be in their set chronological order when written down. We can leap from one time to the next and still know where we are. In retrospect, we are not as confined to things moving only in one direction as we are in our present day.

So, to start with, New Zealand and Tasmania were discovered by Europeans in 1642. Abel Janszoon Tasman saw New Zealand on 13th December 1642 and Tasmania, a few weeks earlier, on 24th November 1642. See… time travel is good… we can write about things progressively backwards, forwards, or in any old order! I wonder if Abel saw the total Lunar Eclipse on December 21st a few years earlier? …Maybe it wasn’t visible in that part of the world, but he may have done. Obviously, both lands had been discovered much earlier by the people who were already there, but they are both a long way away from Europe.

A quick interlude here though… why have I found out about these discoveries today? I’ve been looking into facts about 1642 for several months now, and not once did either of these two facts leap out at me. But they have done so today. And still, more continue to do so…

On July 3rd 1642, Marie de Médicis, Queen Consort of France, died. Marie was married to Henry IV of France, and was mother to King Louis XIII. Her grandson, who became King Louis XIV, has rather a coincidental link to today…

Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, invented the mechanical calculator in 1642, whilst still a teenager. This calculator has been developed and refined over the years and eventually became the microprocessor. King Louis XIV granted Blaise a Royal Privilege in 1649, allowing him exclusive design and manufacture of the calculating machines in France. Thinking about it, this calculating machine would have been cutting edge technology back then, as the microprocessor is today.

I may be on to something here. I’m using a computer right at this moment. This is the first definite link that I physically have with 1642. I don’t understand what it means, but it is something. I know that more information will be revealed to me very soon.

I currently have no idea why I’m fascinated by 1642, but 1642 seems to have been a very interesting year indeed. It is such a pity that TV news wasn’t invented then and we could have videos of all that took place! Still, I like snippets, and I can’t grumble about them – no matter how slowly they are filtering through to me…

Joining the twenty-second century

Well, I must admit this is all very strange. New, but strange!

I’ve been reading snippets of information about Windows Live Writer (Thanks, Trevor!), and with me being of a nosy disposition, I have decided to try it out.

The format is strangely familiar, and after downloading it, I have got straight to it. This is a trial post, to see how it works, but I kind of like it.

The page looks like my blog, but without the links over there to the right. I have the current star-studded background, and what I am typing now actually looks like the page when my waffles have been posted.

      And it looks as though I can type spaces too! (Well, we’ll see about that one!)

I’m not very technical really. I’m OK with remote controls and TVs and cars and things like that (and by cars, I mean driving them. The under-the-hood stuff is waay too technical for me, I don’t mind admitting.) I work in a very technical oriented environment, but I’m probably the least technical person in the history of the entire universe to be in such a position (please have a read of my moans about work to see just how much of a clue I haven’t got about what I am doing – but having said that, the company thinks I’m doing fine, so I must be alright to a certain extent.)

So, here I am, embarking on a completely different way of blogging. I have no idea whether I’m connected on line or not when I’m typing this… although I have the internet running in the background, so I suppose I must be!

I started this post by saying that this is all very strange. This is true, but strange in just how lifelike it actually is. Am I in a different dimension writing this, erm, well, no, but at the same time it feels as though I am.

Everything is shiny and new. There’s a preview button down below so I can see how my post looks when it is done (as in WordPress) which I have just tried – I must remember to update the tags otherwise it looks as though it will use the tags from my previous post. That’s spooky.

One thing that tells me that I am in the correct dimension is my typing. Once to type what I want to say, and once again to make the words actually look like words and not some random gobbledegook as though a cat has walked across my keyboard without a care in the world… in my other parallel dimensions that I exist in, my typing is word perfect. It’s in this one where I need the practice. Quite lucky, really.

Right then, OK, let’s get rolling. I’m about to post. Fingers crossed. Here goes…

The Wolf Moon… Luna Lupa

It’s a Full Moon tonight!

Tonight’s Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon, or the Wolf Moon, apparently. Although, I must admit there is quite a lot of confusing information regarding the Wolf Moon. Some say it is the first Full Moon of the year, which would mean that the Full Moon in January is the Wolf Moon, yet others say it is the Full Moon in February. Whenever the Wolf Moon falls, I think it is a magnificent name for the Moon, and the above picture I have discovered on the web illustrates it to perfection! And to all intents and purposes, from this day forward, in my world, February’s Full Moon will forever be known as the Wolf Moon.

In magical terms, the Full Moon has the most power, with the New Moon coming in at a close second. Occasionally, when I send a Cosmic Order, I imagine my request firing off to the universe through the Moon. I imagine the Moon amplifying my order, providing it with a little more energy – a little more oomph – and at the Full Moon this oomph is multiplied. My intention of receiving what I am requesting is amplified also. What we give out, we tend to get back. So, the Full Moon is a good time to send a Cosmic Order, as long as you believe in the desired outcome. No belief will mean no outcome…

One way to look at the Full Moon is to see it as a doorway of choice. We have set our intention to do something, be something, change something or whatever. We can open the door, and allow the Full Moon to provide us with the necessary power to move forward and to bring those changes in to our lives. Or we can keep the door closed and continue as we are. We can use the Moon to illuminate and empower our thoughts so we can move forward, or make things lighter for us to stay the same. We have the choice to take a path – neither path is the wrong path – and the Full Moon will provide the necessary energy for the transition through the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Whenever we make a choice it is a new beginning.

I like the energy that I feel around the time of the Full Moon. I’ve mentioned before that the Moon has an effect on the tides, and that our bodies are made up of water, so the Moon will invariably have an effect on us too. Scientists have said they have found no physical link between the Full Moon and mood swings (for example) yet I know a lot of people who act differently at the time of the Full Moon. And the words ‘lunacy’ and ‘lunatic’ must have come from somewhere when language was being created (Luna – the Moon).

So, as today’s Full Moon has been officially named as the Wolf Moon around these parts, I’m taking the naming ceremony one step further. The Moon has always been considered female, and is also known as Luna. The she-wolf is known as Lupa. Can you see the connection? I’ve re-branded February’s Full Moon as Luna Lupa. With the magical energy of the Moon combined with the  teaching abilities of the Wolf, solutions to any problems can be found. A solution is an ending. And after an ending comes a new beginning.

So, there we have it. Moons and wolves, choices, solutions and new beginnings.

Not at all bad from a Full Moon in February…