Where have all the trees gone?

I’m sure that I spend half of the time with my eyes closed. I’m not referring to the time that I’m asleep, so I suppose my first sentence should actually read “I’m sure that I spend three quarters of the time with my eyes closed”, but that is too long winded. I know, I’ll start again.

I’m sure that I spend half of my time awake with my eyes closed… At the back of Aquatom Mansion there is a park. I couldn’t see much of it as it was surrounded by trees, but I could see it through the occasional gaps between the trees. And even if I couldn’t see the park for the trees, I knew it was there anyway.

Well I can certainly see it now. Where the trees were, there are now stumps. I have counted thirty stumps, but there are others around that are slightly out of range of my vision.

I’m positive the trees were there yesterday.

I don’t know how long it takes to cut a tree down, but with the amount of them it must have taken a day at least, or a crack team of tree surgeons have been brought in to remove all of the trees overnight. They must have also used specialist silent tree cutting tools, as I heard nothing. Fortunately, they have left a few trees still standing – unless they are coming back for them tonight.

I’m slightly disappointed that they have decided to remove the trees. As well as providing privacy, they also gave me the opportunity to watch the occasional bird hopping from branch to branch. In heavy rains, I enjoyed looking at the trees and imagined them enjoying the downpour. Their leaves became a more vivid green and they seemed to be standing more upright, their branches appearing like arms reaching upwards, rather than being weighed down by the rain. And to be honest, the trees provided a far better view than the one I now have of the park… or the basketball court that is in the middle of it. I’ve gone from being able to look at natural colours to man made gaudy, primary reds, yellows and blues. Don’t get me wrong, I like colours, but I prefer the more natural ones.

I hope they are going to plant some new trees. They can’t just leave it like it is now.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll look out and see this has happened, but I’m not holding my breath.

Although I may have to if more trees start to vanish mysteriously.

Night as bright as day?

I have just read a quick article regarding the star Betelgeuse, which can be seen in the Orion constellation. Or it may not be seen there for much longer.

Apparently, it is only ten million years old, but already it is in a late stage of stellar evolution. Scientists are expecting it to go Supernova as early as 2012. Well, either then or sometime in the next million years…

If it does explode in 2012, we will all see the explosion on Earth, but it will be apparently harmless. The night sky will be lit up brighter than the daytime is now, so that also means that the daytime will be considerably brighter.

This will have an effect on energy prices as consumers will not be using much electricity for their lighting, so firms will need to recoup their loss of revenue by increasing their tariffs considerably.

Black out curtains may become rare, so more and more houses will start to have wooden shutters placed on their windows, to enable the residents a normal night’s sleep.

24 hour daylight won’t last too long, as the star will start to fade, and normal light and darkness will return. However, I don’t think the energy prices or black out curtain prices will return to their pre-explosion prices.

So, remember, if you wake up at 2 o’clock one day in 2012 (or some time in the next million years) and it is light outside, you may not have overslept. Don’t panic. Reach for your sunglasses before you go outside. And don’t look directly into the star. You probably won’t miss it, but don’t look at it. Just keep calm and carry on. And wish Betelgeuse a good night.

Verily verbose

OK, I think that’s it.

This is my last postaday2011 post using my current theme. Back on January 1st, I decided that I would link all of my postaday posts together with this theme, although the posts themselves may have had no other relevance to each other, or to my blog itself. However, as my blog is about anything and everything they all fit in somehow! At the beginning of the month, I said that I would have expected to get to February before I ran out of ideas, but that should have been almost February.

My postaday posts have all been linked together by double letters of the alphabet! January 1st’s postaday entry was “Ambling aimlessly”; the entry for the 2nd was “But… but…!”; on the 3rd I wrote about “Curious catchphrases”; and the 4th’s post was titled “During December”.

They all more or less came quite easily. Some I wrote the title to before the post itself, and others after the post had been written. Some letters caused a bit of a problem. I don’t know what happened to the entry for the letter K, it seemed to have gotten compacted into one word, but it was meant to be two – it must have had something to do with the brackets I suppose. Q’s entry was a bit of a bother, as I wanted the titles to make some kind of sense. And this one too for that matter – that is also the reason why I’m waffling on like this rather than just writing the single paragraph I had planned for this post.

I’ve decided to stop today, rather than going to the end for one reason, and one reason only. The letter X is, or was, two days away. I probably do know some words beginning with X, but I don’t actually recall using any X words in general conversation. Yes, I’ve spoken about the odd xylophone occasionally in the past, and on the 13th January, my postaday post was “Musically minded” where I wrote about knocking two pieces of wood together in the school music room. I’ve just discovered that xylo- means wood (from Greek) so in a way I kind of played a very small xylophone that day. Well, I’ll tell myself that anyway! I like learning new things so that’s a bonus.

So, I’ve got to day 22 with letter 22. Not bad really. The good thing is today is also the 22nd. It’s funny how these things work out… it’s as though they have been planned! No, I’m joking. 22 is the double of 11, this year is 2011, so I chose double letters to start the year. 22 is as good a time to stop as any. And no, it isn’t a catch 22 situation. I will continue with my postaday challenge, only slightly more random.

If ever it could be…

Ultraviolet Universe

Sorry, but I love the universe.

Here is a photo I have found of it taken in ultraviolet. Not by me, I hasten to add, I still can’t get a good photo of the moon. Only half appears here, but if you click on it you should get the full effect. Not the full effect as if you were actually there, but close enough when looking at a computer screen…

Here are some other amazing images I have found, which may or may not be in ultraviolet. The final photo is of home. Absolutely stunning:

Random Coincidence: The Tooth Fairy

When I was little, very little, I looked forward to one of my teeth coming out so I could pop it under my pillow at night for the Tooth Fairy to come along and replace it with a little sum of money for me for when I woke up in the morning. This always happened whenever I lost a tooth. And I’m sure, at times, I didn’t actually have to put the tooth under the pillow for the money to mysteriously appear.

If, however, I pretended that I had lost a tooth, I never received anything.

She is very clever, the Tooth Fairy. She knows the truth when she hears it, and she also knows when I tried to pull the wool over her eyes. I didn’t know this was what I was doing back then, though, as I was little and didn’t understand idioms. I still don’t fully, but that is a different story.

After a few years, the teeth that needed to fall out had done, and that was that. The never ending pot of the Tooth Fairy had been depleted in my case, and she was now using her magic on other children. By this time, I didn’t mind, as losing teeth usually meant that I had to go to the dentist, and that novelty soon wore thin. Even the stickers that said I was a ‘big boy now’ had lost their charm, and I had to do other things to get myself some money.

Time went on, and the Tooth Fairy was well and truly forgotten.

Until today. Eating earlier, I heard a loud crack inside my mouth. I thought at first it was something that I was eating – but I wasn’t eating anything that would crack like that. Another mouthful, and one of my bottom side teeth felt very strange indeed. And then it was out. Thoughts of the Tooth Fairy returned to me.

I carefully wrapped the tooth, and popped it under my pillow, for old time’s sake. I felt like I was four again. I’m sure I giggled when I was doing it!

I then logged onto my computer to check my emails. One of them stood out from the rest. It was from the National Lottery advising me that I had won £10.00. This email should have been delivered to me yesterday, but it was delayed for some reason, as the lottery was drawn on Wednesday night and winners are usually notified the next day. I checked my emails yesterday and it wasn’t there.

So, the Tooth Fairy is back! Only now using modern methods and original means to get the money to us!

Whenever, wherever, however and how much are not important. I’m grateful for the reminder of my younger days. Only, please don’t take offence if I don’t ask you to visit for some time now, Tooth Fairy, I’d like to keep hold of the remaining teeth I have for the next few years.