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“Locke,” whispered Pickanickl hoping she wouldn’t be heard by Ynayna who was somewhere ahead in the dark cave, “I’m here to save your son, Caldane, please grant me the time to do so.” A flaming torch came into view through the pillars ahead of her, and Pickanickl hastily, but stealthily, moved around one to ensure she was out of sight – not before she caught sight of Skaglad, who carried the torch, and Ynayna, walking a little too close to her head Demon Guard.

She waited for the torchlight to fade from view as she realised they were both heading for the mouth of the cave, and would soon be gone, leaving her with only the other hundred or so drone guards to avoid. Luckily, she also realised, she’d arrived at the cave at the exact right time, for if she’d been just a couple of minutes later she’d have ran into the judge and the guard on their way out.

She breathed a sigh of relief, quietly, and walked further into the cave through the stalagmite maze. Maybe Locke is helping me after all, she thought.

She reached the three pathways – three separate tunnels which led to the different lower levels of the cave. K’lamta, the central pathway led to the dungeons where she’d been held, and she didn’t remember hearing or seeing Caldane there. K’lamhu, on the right, went to the platform; the animal hold. So, that left K’lamsi, or the darker place.

Pickanickl breathed deeply and set forth.

More soon…

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