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Reluctantly, and against her better judgment, Pickanickl made her way back to the P’tor caves. The main entrance, K’lam, at the front of the caves, was the way she’d made her last escape, as at certain times of the day it is unguarded – probably due to the fact that most people would think the main entrance would be guarded all the time – a fact Pickanickl learned over time.

As she’d made plenty of escapes through other nooks, earning her the name Flighty Pickanickl, she knew of many unguarded ways in and out of the caves, although she always managed to find herself being captured again.

She decided to use K’lam to go back into the caves, as a voice inside her mind told her most of her access points were now either closed off or guarded.

She waited for the three guards to leave their posts.

She sprinted urgently through the entrance when she saw her chance, and ducked into a small cavern just inside the mouth of K’lam.

Heart pounding in her chest, she regulated her breathing and allowed her eyes to adjust to the darkness, which didn’t take long as she was all too familiar with the darkness of the caves.

She crept through the maze of stalagmites, keeping her ears open for any echoing footsteps around her.

In the distance, she heard a very familiar voice, but one she didn’t expect to hear in the caves. She tiptoed closer, and was right: it was Ynayna, her captor.

More soon…

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    1. Well, Skaglad’s the guard, and he isn’t Pickanickl’s type, and Ynayna, well, she’s the ruthless judge who isn’t anybody’s type… but you could be right – they say opposites attract…!


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