I called into the Six Sentence Café & Bistro for a spot of breakfast on my way to the Magicke Shoppe to get some supplies; their two sausage and egg combos are a must, especially if you get there very early, when they are a third of the price and you get double the combo.

I went for the 2S&E Combo with hash browns – that’s two sausages, two fried eggs (you can have scrambled or poached, but I prefer my eggs fried) and six hash browns (which look as dry as a bone, but once you bite through the crispy coating they taste absolutely amazing)… even with the ‘regular’ meal with three hash browns it’s filling, but six just gives it that added boost – and a cup of tea.

I don’t know who it was who served me – I’ve seen her in the SSC&B before, but I haven’t really got to know everyone there properly yet, and I still want to call the ones I know by different names – she was very pleasant all the same.

That’s why I was heading to the Magicke Shoppe – I needed to get some beeswax candles and a vial of sap from the uu tree to use to cast a lasting memory spell on myself; I’m OK mostly with faces I see when in the places I know them (unless I’m new there and they’re new to me…), and I’m OK with long time familiar faces (and family…), but I get everyone mixed up if I see familiar faces in places where I don’t expect to see them – sometimes the faces belong to the people I should know and don’t recognise, and other times I see features on people’s faces who remind me of other people, but I have no clue who.

Breakfast finished, leisurely followed by a second cup of tea, and then I was set to start my day proper and head to the shop, when an old friend who I hadn’t seen for years walked into the SSC&B wanting to tell me all about their holiday in the deep jungles of somewhere or other – how they knew I was in the SSC&B at that time is anyone’s guess, although there’s a certain kind of magical energy, actually, more of a pull, about this place which draws you to it.

We’d spent hours looking through what seemed like millions of holiday snaps – all very interesting and, coincidentally, a couple of really good photos of the red-barked uu trees (that made me smile) – when I noticed the time on the station clock on the wall, and I had ten minutes to get to the shop before it closed for the day; I apologised to Barry, explaining why I had to dash off – when she reminded me her name was Tiffany.

Posted for Six Word Saturday (for the title) and Six Sentence Stories (for the content).

This is my second Six Sentence Story this week, where the prompt word is ‘Tree’.

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    1. Ah, I see! So it wasn’t you who served me then; mind you, I’d have probably known you if you had… possibly!
      Maybe next time, Chris! (And I’m sure it’s a camel)

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  1. “Thank you, Mimi,” the tall, thin man, stepping into the kitchen, looked back through the round, porthole-like window that punctuated the top half of the swinging door.

    Mimi looked up, smiled and resumed typing on the laptop resting on the stainless steel counter.

    “While it was fun,” the man undid the ties holding the half-folded apron covering the front of his Cucinelli khakis and placed it, now a folded white-linen square, in a cupboard, “I don’t believe I have the memory or the personality to be a particularly good server.”

    Mimi, getting all Chick Corea with her computer, made a sound that would have been a phonetic translation of “Pshaw…tut tut” followed by, “Dear you’ve got your gifts, others have theirs. Keep trying to find where yours compliment the next person’s and you’ll do just fine. Now, don’t run off! Our guest will be creating the need for a dishwasher any time now.”

    After a pause, they both laughed.

    At the bar, the sole customer worked on his breakfast. Quiet, methodical and using his napkin after each bite, he gave the appearance of being in a hurry, with more than the occasional glance at his watch.

    As his plate began to show more china than hash browns, he started to edge into a posture of half-on half-off the bar stool.

    A trapezoid of light burst through the front entrance but fell short, a wave of illumination washing down the long bar on the right side of the Café; a contralto laugh announced to any and all present that, against all odds, she’d survived the night and would be happy to share her tale…

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      1. She would have, (Mimi being the ‘heart’ of the SSC&B),… but that tall, thin man has an incurable curiosity (which has inspired a life-long jack-of-all-trades syndrome).
        I mean, serially, what kind of character wears fifteen hundred dollar khakis (in his defense, it is the weekend) and then insists on donning an apron and picking up a tray.

        (thanks for the scenario… lots of fun)

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  2. (sorry man…got caught up in the scene… while I enjoy ‘writing live’ I’m not always so good with the spelling an such, so if’n you see anything dumb and have the time, do me a solid and alter it?)

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    1. They do look a little plastic, Jo, but that’s the effect of the Bistro lighting on the special glaze they use. I think it’s the lighting that makes the hash browns look bone dry as well.
      And thanks… you enjoy what’s left of the weekend also. 🙂

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  3. Oh man, that breakfast sounds deeee-licious!
    Tom, congrats on a fine Six Sentence Café & Bistro tale! Despite its good rep for live music, alcohol, wild book parties, alcohol, spoken word and poetry jams, alcohol, and a little bit of ancient magic… the SSC&B is also a good little eatery… which you picked up on perfectly 😊

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  4. A great opening to, as Ford just said “a fine Six Sentence Café & Bistro tale”.
    Btw, Tom, the 2S&E Combo with hash browns was a most excellent choice 🙂
    I will not deny – there is a “certain kind of magical energy” that permeates the SSC&B.
    Hey, you may have heard Clark invite someone to do a “walk-on” to one of his Sixes. Well, I pretty much did one off of Clark’s Tall Thin Man comment in reply to your Six.
    So I guess without your Six, I wouldn’t have written my Six and had such a good time. Yeah, I’d say that qualifies as magical energy 😀

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  5. A fine one indeed!!
    Tom, what Ford & Denise said its true and I stand by their words.
    And…of course you’d be keen to observe the SSC&B magical energy, ancient or not…you spelled Magick(e), not Magic😉

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    1. Thanks, Nick.
      And yes, magic is the modern interpretation, magick and magicke the older variants… it gets stronger the further back one goes! 🙂
      Picking up on that magical energy is a must!

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  6. Ooops! I can see the problem with names Tom! Nevermind, you can always use the excuse it was breakfast time and you weren’t very awake at that time 😂 I have similar problems with names, being asked “do you know who I am?….what’s my name?!!” (no idea of course!) Happened recently…still don’t remember the name but I do remember he wanted us to get together for 3 months and if it was good then he would marry me????!!!!! Erm…nope!! Sometimes best not to remember names!

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