It would have been better had I posted this at 20:22, but, alas, I didn’t, and 21:22 will have to do. Well, it would have done, had I posted it at that time also!

It’s the last day of Becky’s Odd Squares challenge, where we had to post square images of all sorts of odd things. Not that I did. No. My squares were anything but odd.

There’s an odd light on the horizon there… beneath the Moon. If, in fact, it is the horizon, an odd light and the Moon. It’s getting harder to know what’s real anymore.

From here, in 2022, looking out to space, well the part of it we can see from here, it looks so very peaceful out there. And, looking back, from out there in space to our blue world, things here would look just as equally peaceful.

Such a pity that looks are deceiving, eh? And we live on a space oddity in 2022 where the closer to the surface you get, the wider the cracks and divisions appear. We live on a beautiful planet, but there’s always someone trying to take the fun out of things.

We’re all cast members in an epic intergalactic movie that’s taking place right now; we need to play our parts properly to show the Universe just how great we are.

And we are great. Most of us. Even if we are odd.

20 thoughts

        1. Something’s shifted. Most odd. Even the ducks and geese on the Lake are acting out of character… or maybe I’m just looking for a distraction. 🙄
          Hopefully the world will settle down again soon, just as quickly.

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