Sam pondered the peeling and faded drinks menu carefully, although he knew the menu off by heart; the blue-tinged orange juice was his go to drink in a morning, but today he felt like something different – and the Zingy Lime Shocker caught his eye… even though the marketing image was splattered with rust spots.

The machine buzzed forth a croaky broken sound which told Sam his option wasn’t available; so he tried his second choice, the Grapefruit and Strawberry Whirl – and received the same response from the ship’s vending machine. He pressed the other buttons in turn, and each one told him the option was sold out, even though the vender was free.

Reluctantly, and gingerly, he pressed the final option for his usual orange juice; the machine clanked and whirled into action, dropping a clear cup into the holder and then spewing down a frothy green liquid which overly filled the undersized receptacle.

Sam carried the sticky cup to his grotty corner cubicle on the mess deck and sat down slurping the unappealing murky liquid – which to his surprise was the Zingy Lime Shocker – or at least that’s what he told himself.

He looked at the peeling and grease-stained poster on the wall beside him, and sighed as he read the slogan ‘Nova Luna: Where ALL Your Dreams Come True!”; the sound of the grinding ship’s engine snapped him back into reality where he had another day’s work ahead of him.

Posted for:

Six Word Saturday

Six Sentence Stories where the prompt word is ‘Mundane’.

And a continuation of Nova Luna.

16 thoughts

  1. I applaud Sam for retaining his sense of “adventure”. How boring would it be if we didn’t explore alternatives?!

    Welcome to Six Sentence Stories, Tom! Thank you for the follow.
    Be on the lookout tomorrow. I’ll be publishing the post with next week’s word. On Wednesday, I’ll publish post with the Inlinkz link for everyone to link their Sixes.
    Have an excellent weekend.

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  2. So, basically, all hope is lost if this is the place where all your dreams come true, then!! I mean, what if my dream was to have a free orange juice that was actually orange 🍊 coloured for example?!😅

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    1. Back in the day, Icewolf, it started out like that… but things rusted over, began to peel, and needed quick fix-it jobs doing. They just never updated the slogan. 😊

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