An inhabited asteroid in the Hildian system, Wild is home to a pack of wolves. No ordinary wolves, for these are the mystical winged wolves, only ever heard about in folklore – until now.

The minor planet Wild is on the outer edges of the asteroid belt, so is quite far from the Sun, although it has it’s own microclimate, due to a stable nuclear core. This provides enough heat for life to exist on the planet, with water found in underwater streams and rivers. The heat of the core causes the water to evaporate in the nutrient-rich soil, enabling small shrub-like plants to grow on the surface.

Every two months or so, the evaporated water in the atmosphere builds up to such an extent causing extreme weather occurrences, illuminating the small night-time world with immense electrical storms and heavy rain. This rain water seeps back underground, refilling the streams and rivers for the cycle to begin again.

Light to the planet is reflected from the surrounding asteroids, so there is some kind of daylight for roughly two of our Earth hours per day, although the light isn’t as strong as we know it here.

All animals on Wild are nocturnal, with the wolves being the largest creatures there. They hunt smaller mouse-sized animals, and occasionally go for an unusual flightless bird which is similar to a peacock. So, on Wild, the roles are reversed. It’s the wolves with the ability of flight, and the birds ground-dwellers.

All of the creatures live in burrows or caves underground, and they all hibernate as for a few months of the Wild year, the temperatures plummet quite dramatically. All of the creatures can survive by eating the succulent purple berries and leaves of the plants, but the wolves have an occasional appetite for something a little more meaty.

Like our wolves on Earth, they like to sing together, and the sounds of the singing wolves echo all across the oval-shaped world on a daily basis.

And, when their singing reaches a climactic crescendo, they take to the skies and chase and play fight with each other, continuing their singing as they do. Until, suddenly, they stop. They return back to the ground in pairs, and disappear once again into the permanent darkness of their own little world.

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  1. Now that is cool 😎Tom! I noted the science slipped in 😉 but I didn’t know there was a real ‘Wild’ out there😃 Winged wolves no less….I like it! And the pics are awesome 👏 My lunchtime transportation to Wild was …Wild! And Wild is a fascinating world🌎

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        1. They are rather. I think I’ll have to investigate the other asteroids now, there are millions of them, after all, in case I find anything else.


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