I’m running low on odd photos now, so I’m finding myself looking for photos that I have taken over time to just try to oddly squeeze them in.

I think this is merely an odd photo. I’ve no idea who the character is, or why I chose to take a photo featuring two of the same character, where clearly another character is in the background not very well hidden.

Perhaps I was going for an abstract look or something.

For Becky’s Odd Squares.

22 thoughts

  1. At first I thought the “background character” was just an extension of the foreground character’s hair swinging out, as if she’s twirling in a dance. But then I noticed her hair isn’t swinging out in her “twin.” So now the “background character” is a phantasmagorical blob! Yikes!

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        1. 😳☹ I can’t like this comment, I’m afraid to say.
          I don’t know what’s gone on with this company, nor do I think I want to. If things have been proven, then surely the issues sorted, procedures changed, and the company operating by a different set of ‘values’ (for lack of a better word). And any poor souls who suffered, I hope they’ve received any and all the help they need to move forward. As I said, I don’t follow the company, but obviously they do make movies and I watch them from time to time. Not knowing the ‘facts’ (and I don’t want to know) stops me commenting further.


    1. I know. I think I must’ve been practicing with the mobilius phoneus. I have several like this, but blurred… and I have what seems like thousands of smurf photos! 🙄😊 Oh, and thousands of blurred photos too. I should really clear a few out…

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  2. The Disney “Cinders” was my first thought, too. She looks like the figure on the 45″ record sleeve of the original film soundtrack which I still have somewhere. It must be almost 50 years old (wonder if it’s worth anything). Not sure I want to know any more about Disney’s dark side, not that I have any particular interest in their offerings.

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    1. I goggled Cinders and it is her, Chris, although my search also brought in Alice in Wonderland… everything seems to return to Alice, for some reason!
      As for the company, I too do not want to know any further, but only hope if there were ‘issues’ they’re now sorted. They have ties with Marvel, so even though I don’t follow them, our circles occasionally overlap…

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                1. Inside it sounded just a bit blustery outside, with the odd wheelie bin flying passed. I’m in a valley (where we seem to have our own microclimate) so we missed the brunt of it… other places weren’t as lucky.

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