Nine is an Odd Number

Scouring through my millions of photos to look for something odd is quite a momentous task. I mean, a lot of my photos are odd, but are they odd enough to enter into a month-long square photo blogging challenge? I don’t think so.

I need things that are truly odd. Normal, but odd.

I may not be participating in the challenge everyday this month, but I will contribute something.

So, here’s my first proper photo for Becky’s Odd Squares.

9 responses to “Nine is an Odd Number”

  1. joylennick avatar

    I think it sits nicely in the ‘odd’ category. It’s different and sort of intriguing. Cheers.

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    1. Tom avatar

      Thanks, Joy. Yes, it is an odd image! 🙂


  2. BeckyB avatar

    Brilliant, so very very brilliant – what a start – wherever will you go next?!!

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    1. Tom avatar

      Thank you, and hopefully in an odder direction, Becky… if that’s at all possible! 😀

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  3. Chris Hall avatar

    😕I stared at the image for ages before I saw the IX.😜

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    1. Tom avatar

      Sometimes, Chris, the subject is right in front of you! 😀 😉

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  4. Eugenia avatar

    Odd and perfect for the prompt!

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    1. Tom avatar

      Thanks, Eugenia. There will be more oddness to follow, I’m sure! 🙂

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      1. Eugenia avatar

        I look forward to it, Tom.

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