“What a fool I’ve been!” Pickanickl thought as she crouched between the boulder and the ferns, watching Skaglad’s menacing bulky figure lumber along the path ahead. “Of course he’d know I’d be headed to Sound.”

She allowed Skaglad to move away from view, and gave him a few more minutes before standing and heading back along the path she had come.

Ever since she’d escaped the P’tor Caves she knew she had to keep moving, for if Skaglad caught her she would be in more trouble than she had been as Ynayna’s pet.

“May Locke grant me a swift journey!” she whispered, and slipped down a shale-covered slope before regaining her footing. She ran as quickly as she could along the path which brought her to the bank of a river. “Already I’m lost!” she sighed. She looked left and right, trying to decide which would be the best way to go. The bank to the right of her disappeared around a bend, where to the left she saw a straight and clear run. Left it was.

She walked this time, at a quick pace, but not as fast as earlier. She constantly looked around her. Skaglad was a brute but he was no fool, and he would soon realise she’d doubled back.

Pickanickl shortly arrived at an old stone bridge, and decided to cross. However, on the other side she came up against an obstruction. A figure stood blocking her path.

“Now, who do we have here?” he smirked.

More soon…

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