Galloping along the beach on horseback
Waves crashing onto the shore
Seagulls shrieking overhead
Clouds rolling high above
Ferocious motion is all around

Leaves rustle as the wind rushes through the trees on the cliff top
Water droplets thump into the sand as the rain starts to fall
As the rain falls heavier from the thickening clouds
The skies darken, the horse gallops urgently faster
Lightning crackles above and strikes the ground behind
Trees crash, waves crash, thunder crashes
Our hearts beat faster as the momentum gathers pace

The need is to get to shelter
To get away from this now unwelcoming place

To be in the warmth and the dryness and by the fireplace

The wind gathers speed, the horse leaps over a wooden beam
Holding on to the horse, helping to steer the steed
Wanting to get us both to safety

The sands are sodden, the hooves start to sink

The horse must jump with each and every step

Not long my friend, not long
I will my horse to keep going forward

More lightning

More rain

More thunder

More wind

More speed

The horse manages to find his footing and gracefully gallops again

Sunlight beams on our path ahead

No longer on the wet sands, we ride together… gentler… calmer

Still swiftly, for we both have the need to get

Rider and horse both soaked to the skin
Steaming in the warmth of the now blazing sun

A few more strides up this little hill, and then we’re done

Over the hill, over the fence
Under the arched branch, and along the driveway

Stables first, dry, eat, drink, and rest

The journey is complete

Exercise finished

Both energised

Both happy

Both feeling good

Riding today was fun!

But getting home was better…!

(This is a repeat presentation, originally posted in 2012)

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